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NgTrends Opinion: Melaye and Remi Tinubu Owe Nigerians Aplology

NgTrends Opinion: Melaye and Remi Tinubu Owe Nigerians Aplology



A news was reportedly trending On Tuesday, the 12th of July, 2016, about the clash between Senators Dino Melaye and Oluremi Tinubu, during a  heated debate at a closed session meeting at the House of Assembly.

Melaye, who was said to have threatened to beat up his Lagos counterpart during a closed session at the Senate on that faithful day, denied it.

Premium Times reported that both lawmakers were calling each other names and charging at each other.

The Kogi Senator Dino Melaye is said to have accused the senators of being used by the presidency to dis-stabilize the Senate and warned them to be ready to face the consequences of their action.
He was quoted to have said as he pointed at the affected senators, his face contorted in rage,
You should go and tell those who sent you that nobody, I said nobody, no matter who he is, can ever control this Senate,” 
Mrs. Tinubu on the other  hand was recognized to have spoken wrongly by reportedly making a statement like this
“I’m just wondering why whenever Senator Dino speaks in this chamber, he is always threatening people and behaving childishly and at times like a thug.
I think he needs to know that every senator here represents their constituencies. And that there is no need to threaten anyone. We are seeking and working towards reconciliation, yet you are busy issuing threats.”

It was reportedly said that at this point, Mr. Melaye jumped up from his seat and charged towards Mrs. Tinubu, saying,

Look this is not Bourdillon (referring to the famous Lagos residence of Mrs Tinubu’s politician husband). I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen”.   

This incident appears to have added to the bad book of Nigeria wherever it was reported. Nigeria have always been viewed as a lawless country. Apparently, it appears like  those who make laws are the same people who break laws.

The Senate and entire Nigerian government should be more proactive to avoid such political quagmire. Law enforcement agencies should enact laws to enforce discipline in House of Assembly.

Every leader must learn character because charisma may take you up but it is character that keeps you up. I think the senate owes Nigerians apologies.




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