Home News Metro News ”I Forgive Melaye But…”Senator Oluremi Tinubu Says”
”I Forgive Melaye But…”Senator Oluremi Tinubu Says”

”I Forgive Melaye But…”Senator Oluremi Tinubu Says”



Recall that there were reports of the clash between Senators Dino Malaye and Oluremi Tinubu, during a  heated debate at a closed session meeting at the House of Assembly.

Tinubu had accused Melaye of assaulting her verbally during an executive session of the Senates.

Melaye, who denied the allegation, had also made counter-claims that the female lawmaker also assaulted him verbally.

Tinubu reportedly said that when she started to think about all that transpired in the Senate on Wednesday, she shed tears for the first time on her encounter with Melaye. Speaking, she said,

“When the Senate President invited me on Tuesday and I gave my word. You can see the channel I have taken in the aftermath of the event. I reported to the IGP; I wrote to him also, after I waited for one week and nothing was done, I went to him. I also wrote to the party (the APC) chairman”.

She continued that after she gave her word to Saraki, she told herself that at 55, she is  not a wimp of anybody.

She reportedly tendered a word of appreciation to all Nigerian women who rose up; the women rights groups who were calling, conducting press conferences and doing a lot of things.

In addition, the senator reportedly denied sponsoring women groups to protest on her behalf against Melaye. She stated that she had given her best to her constituency in the past five years and that inspired the protests that had trailed the verbal assault on her.

“I didn’t give anybody anything”, she said.

I don’t even have N80m in my personal salary account in the Senate. And I don’t think if I have any other savings, I’d want to use it to mobilise women to protest. What about the investments we have put into politics? How much has that done for this country?” she asked.

The Woman Leader of the APC in South-West, Mrs. Kemi Nelson, stated that the assault on Tinubu was not only on the lawmaker alone but an insult to the general women fold.

She reportedly argued that the protests were not all about Tinubu but in the general interest of women,  she added that women are now becoming victims of abuses and assault.

She urged woman in the society and the Senate to take a disciplinary action against him.

Speaking, she said “This impunity has to be stopped. We must be accorded out rights. Enough is enough!”




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