Home News Buhari Has Fulfilled Promises On Insecurity, Economy And Corruption – Lai Mohammed Affirms
Buhari Has Fulfilled Promises On Insecurity, Economy And Corruption – Lai Mohammed Affirms

Buhari Has Fulfilled Promises On Insecurity, Economy And Corruption – Lai Mohammed Affirms



Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, has affirmed that President Mohammadu Buhari has fulfilled its campaign promises to address insecurity, fix the economy and fight corruption.

The minister at a meeting with the members of staff of the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid, Spain, stated that “Buhari-led administration is on the right track and there is no alternative to what it is doing”.

The meeting was on the sideline of the minister’s two-day official visit to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

“I believe that we are on the right track, there will be some pains, but there is no alternative to what we are doing,’’ He added.

He continued that “In the area of security, the minister said that when Buhari came on board, 14 of the 20 Local Government Areas of Borno, four in Adamawa and three in Yobe were under the sovereign authority of Boko Haram. But with proactive measures and soft diplomacy with neighbouring African countries, the U.S., France and the G-8 had helped the country to decisively deal with Book Haram’’.

Today, all the major highways leading to Maiduguri are opened and about two months ago, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) played a league match in Maiduguri stadium,’’ He added.

He reportedly stated that on the renewed agitations in the Niger-Delta region and parts of the South-East, the government would not marginalize any part of the country, and assured that economic development would go round to everyone.

He said with the temporarily painful measures, the government would turn around the adversity to gains and ensure that never again would the nation run a corrupt, clueless and an oil-dependent economy.

He said the present administration is implementing fiscal discipline and other measures to address the messed up economy it inherited from its predecessors. That the administration had been unfairly accused of placing too much emphasis on the fight against corruption at the expense of addressing fundamental economic issues.

He stressed that no amount of economic reforms put in place could work unless the “monster of corruption is successfully dealt with’’.

He continued with more clarity that the administration’s fight against corruption was not selective, and that the government was not probing the 2015 elections campaign funds of  PDP.

He assured that that the government would continue to remain focus in its efforts to rebuild the country.




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