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Why Babangida Removed Me From Power – President Buhari Reveals

Why Babangida Removed Me From Power – President Buhari Reveals


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President Muhammadu Buhari in an exclusive interview with The Interview Magazine reveals the 31 years secret why he was ousted from power in 1985  by General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd).

According to the magazine, Buhari, who has not spared the military even in his ongoing anti-corruption war, said senior military leaders, led by former military president, General Ibrahim Babangida and General Aliyu Gusau, removed him in August 1985, to save themselves from his wrath.

Buhari was reacting to a previous statement by Babangida in the December 2015 edition of the same magazine. Babangida said that Buhari’s removal was not because he (Buhari) had planned to remove the then Chief of Intelligence, General Aliyu Gusau (rtd) over a N100,000 fraud.

In an exclusive interview published in the current edition of The Interview magazine, Buhari challenged Babangida and Gusau to tell the truth on why they carried out the coup against him.

“I learnt,” he said, “that Aliyu Gusau, who was in charge of intelligence, took import licence from the ministry of commerce which was in charge of supplies and gave it to Alhaji Mai Deribe. It was worth N100,000, a lot of money at that time. I confronted them and took the case to the Army council in a memo…I wanted Gusau punished.”

Buhari said he made the move to punish Gusau, adding that if he didn’t take the step, it will create a “North versus South, Muslim versus Christian” problem.

According to him, Babangida did not like the idea, hence he organised some officers to remove him.

“Let him (Babangida) repeat his own story. Ali Gusau is still alive,” President Buhari said.




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