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NgTrends Opinion: Seyi Shay, Wizkid And Facts

NgTrends Opinion: Seyi Shay, Wizkid And Facts



Yesterday, Sunday, June 19, 2016, Seyi Shay caused a stir on social media when she said ‘One Dance’ was originally Wizkid’s song before Drake took it and used it as a single for his ‘Views’ album. She made the statement while she was being interviewed on Jamaican television. This came after the interviewer talked about Drake sampling dancehall songs.

“The same debate is going on in Africa right now, that he sampled the Afrobeats, It was actually Wizkid’s song so it was not Drake’s song, I don’t know if I can I talk about this but it’s actually Wizkid’s song, Wizkid wrote it, Legendary Beats and some other Nigerian producers produced it as an Afrobeat song and they stripped a lot of the music away…” Seyi explained at an interview during her stay in Jamaica.

The ”ojuelegba cooner” did reply by tweeting ”I don’t need to explain my business to no one! Listen to my music and enjoy. Just know we getting cheques tho”. ”Don’t say what u know nothing about #shutup” ”She lied”

Wizkid-tweets-about-seyi-shay-s-One-dance-claims Wizkid-tweets-about-sey-shay-s-claims

For Seyi Shay, this is the fourth time this year where other things have spoken for the singer. She is one of the singers this year to give media and trolls many things to talk about from Electric Package to Phonetics to TUWO and now, songs about Wizkid and his charity to Drake.

However, it isn’t up to her to reveal that fact true or false. It isn’t her song, she didn’t feature in it nor did she produce the song, so why say a fact about the song? Even if Wizkid happen to have sold his song for a break in the US music industry, he did his own greater gain. Seyi Shay can only verify facts about herself and her music which she should endeavor to do for her own cheques.

Even after apologizing, one thing to learn from this is to know the right facts and stick to your business.

As Wizkid tweet ”Love my girl Seyi Shay regardless”, we also love you regardless and we’d love to hear your songs more, letting your songs and music speak for you.






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