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NgTrends Opinion: Noble Igwe And Chioma Otisi’s Wedding

NgTrends Opinion: Noble Igwe And Chioma Otisi’s Wedding



Fashion Blogger, Enterpreur and Lagos big boy, Noble Igwe got hitched to the love of his life, Chioma Otisi last Saturday. Not only it is the trending topic on social media, it was a beautiful event with a dapper groom who rocked three different designer outfits, a class of good looking groomsmen which was the likes of M.I, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Lamide Lagos, Debola Lagos and many more and also a bride that walked into the reception in a bubble.

As always people will always talk, the social media has been having a fuss since these lovebirds said their vows that Noble Igwe was trying too hard to make his wedding cool and did overkilled the whole event. But really…let’s face the fact the guy did outdid himself. With a reception at Landmark event center which is one of the most expensive halls in Lagos, the Hummer and Mercedes Benz  that conveyed the couple not considering the cost of the clothes for the day. The guy tried abeg, make we talk true.

What people forget is that this is the one day he can outdo and overkill as he likes. What the point of holding back on your wedding when you might never get this change again. Ofcourse and if he got the money let him spend it, it’s his big day and he can do as he likes even if he has to drink garri after the wedding, you won’t be in his house to drink it with him.

That was a classic and elegant wedding even Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola had to attend and people are now saying he overdid himself. I don’t agree that with weddings you have to live within your standards. If you can go above your standards with any hitches, please go. This could probably become one of the greatest day of life if you don’t divorce after couple of months after making your wedding one of the many wonders of then World.

Now jokes apart, it’s his big day and he can have whatever he wants. People should let him be and by the way the wedding has come and gone. The guy has a home and family to build now.




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