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NgTrends Opinion: Let DJ Cuppy Be

NgTrends Opinion: Let DJ Cuppy Be



A UK TV station on June 8, 2016 aired a documetary titled ”Lagos To London”. A documentary based on the fabulously wealthy Nigerians living in the United Kingdom.

Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy along with her sister, Temi Otedola were featured in the documenmetary where they spoke about how they plan and spent on lavish parties.


The two sisters, Florence is a DJ while Temi is a fashion blogger have become regular faces in Nigeria as one is either seen playing at a show or the other having a photo-shoot. In the documentary,  DJ Cuppy however revealed that whenever they are in Lagos they move around in a bulletproof car, a safety measure by their oil tycoon father Femi Otedola.

Nigerians have since dragged them concerning the documentary as usual shaming the rich for having money and spending it as they like. Nigerians who hate rich people flaunting their wealth as dragged the sisters not only for their expensive lifestyle but they also believe they are showing off.

However, there is nothing wrong with a rich showing off how much money he has. He worked for it so he can as well lavish it the way he likes. Perhaps this is his way of showing his care to his family but for Nigerians, the rich are suppose to be humble and not proud of their achievements. It is also Nigerians that has the popular saying, you’ve got it flaunt it. They’ve got the money and they are flaunting the way they like. No rich man should feel guilty for enjoying the finer things of life, they earned it so let them enjoy it.

However, with all said and done, nobody can blame Nigerians for the way they acted. It is only normal for a country like Nigeria with its crippling economy to have citizens who are angered on the state of the country. Nigerians believe majority of the rich are corrupt people who have plundered the country for years.

Finally, Nigerians should understand the rich will always flaunt and the rich should understand Nigerians will continue talk till the situation of the country is favourable for everybody.





  1. In my opinion,they are scared of the consequences of their fathers act because no one who make that kind of money he has legally unless he’s an inventor or manufacturer of raw materials which he’s not. Am a Nigerian and I walk freely expecting no harm because I don’t do anything shady or illegal


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