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NgTrends Opinion: Jide Kosoko And His Wives’ Death

NgTrends Opinion: Jide Kosoko And His Wives’ Death


62-year-old Jide Kosoko will have a story to tell about death as death snatched away three wives from him. Kosoko whose first two wives died within a space of 13 months October 1992 and November 1993, the first wife was the mother of Sola, his actress daughter and the second wife died during childbirth, lost his third wife 53 year old Henrietta, to the cold hands of death on Monday 5th June, 2016.

The Veteran actor is left with Kareemat, his fourth and now only wife.


For Henrietta a year ago,her fate was only prolonged when she survived a near-fatal accident along Sagamu-Abeokuta road Friday January 30th as her car reportedly suffered brakes failure and crashed, with Henrietta sustaining injuries in the head.

Kosoko who is still in shock disclosed he was at an event until his friend told him to check the internet, ‘‘“I went to a particular event on Monday (June 6), I was not aware that my wife was dead until the person that was with me asked me to check the rumours flying around the social media about my wife’s death. I referred to it as rumour because I still didn’t believe, if not until I confirmed it myself. I don’t know how to explain the situation. It is an unimaginable loss.”

She was reportedly said to have been battling with diabetes for a while before she slumped at her home and was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed she was dead.

Ever since, the news of Henriette broke out, there has been many rumours and speculations about Jide Kosoko using his wives for money rituals. Jide Kosoko has suffered many losses in his life and I think people should respect that fact and let him mourn his losses. No amount of rumours or speculations can bring back the dead now. This is the right time to let the man be as this is a trying time for him and his family. In a society of ours where people believe in supernatural and evil spirits, it is only natural to raise alarm on the death of his wives, but we all tend to forget the health  of these women; even as we can’t say what killed the first wife but the second died during childbirth and the third was diagnosed of diabetes before they passed away.

Let’s respect Jike Kosoko and let me mourn his loss.








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