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‘You Have Not Seen Anything Yet’…T.B Joshua On Food Scarity

‘You Have Not Seen Anything Yet’…T.B Joshua On Food Scarity



Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 22nd of May 2016, made some shocking revelations on his TV station concerning Nigeria and the World at large. He spoke on Agriculture, recent EgyptAir crash, Africa Politics and even a terrorist attack warning in UK.

During the service, he read out the prophecies he gave during the New Year Crossover Service. He highlighted the national food scarcity and explained further, giving details on what Nigeria and Africa at large to expect in the nearest future.

He said “There will be large scale scarcity, shortage of food. As a state, country, continent, we have to go back to the farm to arrest, to alleviate the forthcoming situation”, he read. Further expanding on the details of the prophecy, he said, “It is only a ‘shortage’ that you are experiencing now; you have not experienced ‘large scale.’ ” Giving further insight, he proclaimed, “This one that I am saying now, ‘scarcity’, ‘large scale’, it’s a proverb. Whatever you can do from now till December – all of your money you will use to buy food – you will not have enough to buy.

On Nigeria’s Economy, he said “The president will do everything to reject devaluation of the naira – which is a good idea from a good leader. But there will be overwhelming pressure which he will not be able to resist. Nigeria, we are in a valley. The future is crying for help. I explained that we are in a valley but it is not the valley of the shadow of death. There is no snake or scorpion, it’s different. When you are in the valley you will cry and cry but you will still get out of the valley. You have to continue to cut your coat according to your size. Don’t just continue to spend your money on something that won’t be able to help you. Spend your money on something that the whole world will be looking for – food, shelter.”

Moving on to African politics, T.B Joshua noted “African leaders should quickly arrest the political situation. 50% of counties that do elections, at least 45% of them will face crisis.  More African countries will be under siege by terrorists because of pros and cons in choosing leaders. Mishandling of electoral processes will create a conducive atmosphere for terrorists.”

He further noted on UK terror attack that “Pray for the United Kingdom like the railways, people, and crowds where people gather because I’m seeing some funny people in their country. But I am seeing with prayer and proper security it will be avoided but there will be a sign or trace that this happened but it will not happen the way that it was supposed to have happened but they will know that something happened there.”

However, following Joshua’s warning, the following day, 27 schools in UK were closed as a result of bomb scare. Anonymous repeated calls were made to each school, warning of explosives devices that would detonate immediately the police were called.

 On EgyptAir crash, he revealed ”Egypt has happened and the other one I am seeing is very close and I am going to say the country and the place. This one that I am seeing now is bigger than the one that happened. This one is very close now. Every airport security must be tight. You should be careful who you employ to fly as a pilot or flight attendant because they too will apply for this kind of job and they will be patient enough; if it is one or two years they will be patient until the achieve their goal.”





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