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Nigeria’s WizKid Fails To Impress In Zambia; Music Show Flops

Nigeria’s WizKid Fails To Impress In Zambia; Music Show Flops



Nigerian artiste WizKid Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun better known as WizKid has failed to put up a decent show at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium.

Fans are reacting angrily.


A no show Nigerian superstar WizKid has sent Zambian revellers back home with frustration and flaring tempers.

By 21hrs only 24 people had gathered at Heroes Stadium the venue of the much publicized gig. Zambian musician Slap Dee has also left the stage and he is currently in Kabwata.

For a jaw dropping K1000, fans were promised to catch a glimpse of the ‘Show You The Money’ hit maker.

In Zimbabwe, organisers of a similar Wiz Kid concert were lynched and hurled with insults after the Nigerian failed to pitch up a fortnight ago.

What more FAZ find it difficult to make the Stadium full to capacity. Wizkid next time when organizing a function, Please involve people that understand the Local Music Industries market. You Might be an International Artist but to me you are not as big as PSquare. When PSquare came to Zambia they did not go for an expensive and bigger venue,yet they used Woodlands Stadium. The price tag also was not that expensive.

The Organizers(Wizkid Live in Zambia) also could have done good job in terms of studying the market and events. We recently had ‪#‎Zambia‬ Music Awards. Tonight its happening in Livingstone Casper Nyøvest is in town. Above all your show is at Night, were you not told that there are Ritual Killers in Zambia and Zambians love their lives. They have stopped moving at night.

This would be a mother of all flops. Anyways its none of my business.







  1. Zambia work on your countries tragic issues! Wizkid didn’t flop, your ritual cursed country is a flop! And it’s obvious it’s a very poor and wretched country! Nigerians will always pray for you guys! “Zambia


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