Home Adult Talks My Fiance Won’t Have S8x With Me Since I Miscarried Our Baby.
My Fiance  Won’t Have S8x With Me Since I Miscarried Our Baby.

My Fiance Won’t Have S8x With Me Since I Miscarried Our Baby.


Upset couple finding out results of a pregnancy test

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Hi NGTrends Readers,

I had a miscarriage at nine weeks earlier this month. We had only known about the baby for a little less than a month and it was unplanned but we were still really excited. We told both sets of our parents and I told my very best friend, but aside from that no one knew, so we were at least saved from that embarrassment. It was, and still is, heartbreaking for both of us but I think one of the worst parts is the wedge it’s driven between my fiance and I. My doctor said to wait until I stopped bleeding for s8x, but after that it’d be totally fine, and it’s been weeks now. I’ve tried to initiate s8x, I don’t even know how many times, and my fiance keeps blowing me off. He says he’s afraid of hurting me. I don’t know what it’s about, and I don’t know how to reconnect with him. Our s8x life was very, very healthy before this. And now it’s a dead bedroom. Anyone have any advice?



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  1. Dear writer, In my own opinion I guess there is lack of communication or understanding. Simply talk it out with him and comfort him. Try to find out what he fears and then from there you can proceed. Comfort him and tell him you just want you guys to experiment to see whether you will bleed or not. If he still refuses and haven’t been sleeping with you, then that may raise an alarm that he is seeing someone outside. I hope this will help


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