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He Grabbed My Bre8st On The First Date

He Grabbed My Bre8st On The First Date



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
First, the date started off okay. We have been talking on the phone for a while after I bumped into him a few times at my work. We met up at the mall for a casual first lunch date. It was all fine, we were making jokes and laughing.

He talked a lot about himself, which could have been because he was nervous. He kissed me on the forehead and held my hand when we met up. Then, after the food he held my hands from across the table. Ok, that’s fine. Then he wanted to get on the other side of the booth and sit next to me, which, I was kind of thinking that is weird for a first date sort of thing but he was already there. Then it escalates to hugging. And I became uncomfortable with how quickly this was getting way too intimate. I said “Look, I am not going to kiss you on the first date.” He said “okay”.

Then we go outside and we are sitting next to each other on the bench, and he keeps trying to orchestrate a way to kiss me. He is massaging my arms and back, which felt really good. So fine, I will let him give me a peck. Then he proceeds to make out with me, and I was like, “I don’t want to make out in public like this.” He said “okay”. I wanted to go home, and he kept saying “Oh, just a few more minutes.” I want to leave so I keep walking, we go inside and he wants to sit down again somewhere inside the mall to have a make out session. I am seeing now that he is not at all respecting my wishes to leave and not makeout in public.

We get to my car. He tries to makeout with me again outside the car in the parking lot in front of people, and I again pulled away. Then I tell him I will drive him to his car, we drive. I say good bye, he wants to cuddle again and he begins to make out with me and that is when he gives my tit a squeeze. I pushed his hand away, I pulled away from his face. And said to him “Did you just grab my tit? Of all the times you have gone on a first date, how many of those have you grabbed a tit?” He said “A few times, look, I don’t regret that at all, that was nice.” I laughed incredulously, and I said “That, was a mistake.”

He apologized. Then asked me when he could see me again. I said I wasn’t sure. And I kept saying “I will see you around” so he would get out of my car. Now he is texting me that he had a great time and he is “Sorry if I got a bit carried away. It’s been a while and I will work on my self control. I would never intend any disrespect to you.” I told him he made me uncomfortable. And he said “Understood. Was a bit sudden. Sorry I made you feel that way.”

Should I stay away from this guy?



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  1. Am telling u no is not bcos I wanna b sentiment buh for the fact u can not jorge a book by it cover may b he made mistake and second chance ll do no harm to u


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