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Freeze Writes Open Letter To Actress Blessing Egbe Defending Eatery

Freeze Writes Open Letter To Actress Blessing Egbe Defending Eatery



Recently, Nollywood Actress Blessing Egbe called out a Mega Chicken outlet at lekki for selling her stale moimoi, claiming she deserves an apology .

Cool FM On-Air Personality, Freeze being a good cutomer of the eatery, has come to the rescue of the eatery.

Known to never hide his opinions, Freeze airs out his opinion that the actress could have handled the situation in a different way than call out the eatery.


Here is the open letter he wrote to Blessing on Instagram

Dear Blessing, I took time out to read your story about your moin moin experience with Mega Chicken. In my humble opinion and with all due respect, I believe you owe Mega Chicken an apology not the other way round. Your post created a lot of negative press for the Mega Chicken brand, and the implication of this could be a dip in sales. If you had taken the moin moin back to the restaurant and they didn’t attend to you properly and politely, then you have a point. However, according to your own account, you bought five, ate one, gave out two and then put the other 2 in your fridge overnight. If the one you ate was fresh then it’s fair to say that you received the moin moin in a reasonably good condition. 

Have you also factored that they could sue you for damaging their reputation into consideration and the onus would be on you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it wasn’t in your care that the moin moin went bad??

I am writing you this letter primarily because Mega chicken is a restaurant very dear to me as it’s one of the very few restaurants that offer Nigerian food in its purest form, not the Nigerian food cooked like oyinbo food that some clowns in VI that call themselves restaurants serve.’

Please dear Blessing apologize to Mega chicken because if they close down, I will come and be eating in your house anytime bae isn’t around!’

Coming to their defence like this…I think Mega Chicken should be thinking of making him a brand ambassador




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