Home Entertainment Gists Don’t Ever Go To The Public To Solve A Private Matter – Paul Okoye
Don’t Ever Go To The Public To Solve A Private Matter – Paul Okoye

Don’t Ever Go To The Public To Solve A Private Matter – Paul Okoye



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  1. dats it!! u guys jst made ur affairs so badddd!! now every one is having fun while u wash ur dirty linen in d open!! Tiwa dear, I like u a lot, strong talented woman but on dis? I tik u were to quick to go public!! teebilz must v done worst dan his emotional outburst to u before now u didnt come runnibg to d ‘air’ did u? remaing ‘calm’ despite all ur pains wld ve made u a winning queen.. now I just feel so sorry for u!! u didnt tik of ur son did u??? hmmmm!! u both r just creating trouble for him u forget dat he is going to sit down someday wen he is grown and watch u tell d world how low key irresponsible drug addict thief of a father he has?? teebilz is an emotional wreck fellow who felt being wt u was ‘all dat’ and now he probably aint seeing all d stuff he told he cld get with u bcus apparebtly u are one hard core of a lady who I feel wont tolerate seeieng her hard earned monies being watsed on drugs and women!! lol pls pls stop stop stop exposing ur private affairs common gurl!! they r called ‘private’ for a reason huh?!!! ha!! na wa!! I just tire for d two of una sha! una no get shame at all!! do u know how many marraiges are going thru worst stuFf dan urs?? yet dey r respecting friends, relatives and all… Tiwa, a man dat can leave his wife and kids and runs off to get hooked with u? wat were u expecting gurl??? hmmm, dont worry sha, u will be fine so day but ur music career? ur contracts jobs on adverts?? common gurl!! u didnt tik?? u came out rushing for an interview with ur head tied?? ah!! u even show d world pic of ur miscarriage!! ah!! my gurl u went tooo far with d public!! abeg!! ur hubby teebilz u know had probs wt drinking n drugs!! so why didnt u jst shove it off and call him bluff!!! ah!! is ur mom a witch? did u sleep wt dr sid? don jazzy? tubaba?? ah!! u for just ignore d guy na knowing say he don sniff again?!!! u two did a wrong move wt d public!!! shame!!!!


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