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Zero Beef Between CDQ & Olamide

Zero Beef Between CDQ & Olamide



After couples of months and hush about beef between Nigerians finest Indigenous Rapper’s YBNL Boss OLAMIDE and CDQ has at last been affirm that there’s nothing like beef or misguided judgment between the two most centered around Indigenous rapper

after some check from both sides, It is affirmed that they often communicate almost everyday

The genesis and consideration of the gossipy tidbits began.

after CDQ discharged a track titled “Talosobe” which lead everyone contemplating if CDQ was alluding or attempting to counter Olamide for saying “Punchline o jawo mo”

From that point Olamide doles out the “Eyan Mayweather” track which people thought he was replying CDQ aggressively due to his remark on his “Talosobe” song,Moreover people was more convince that both had some misconception going on after CDQ was not inclusive in the last OLIC performance from our source he was in dubia during the OLIC event

Be that as it may, after a few interviews which CDQ went to we affirmed that he was empowering the up and coming aspired rappers not to give up on their rap talent… That rap still pays

Furthermore After couples of meetings which Olamide had, it was also confirmed that he’s just trying to be disputable with his rap base on clearing whatever other individuals’ brain questioning his status however not alluding to CDQ

What’s more, as indicated by elements of rap, rap is discourteous and disputable much of the time

So it doesn’t mean he’s having beef with CDQ

What’s more, it has been confirmed that both chap impart verging on regular and still planning on putting more works out together very soon,

They as of late took the above picture together at Oriental amid Olamide’s birthday so therefore it’s  Zero beef between Olamide and CDQ



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