Home Entertainment Gists Wizkid Insults Linda Ikeji, Says His Director Slept With Her & She’s An Old Loser!
Wizkid Insults Linda Ikeji, Says His Director Slept With Her & She’s An Old Loser!

Wizkid Insults Linda Ikeji, Says His Director Slept With Her & She’s An Old Loser!


Wizkid Linda

Wizkid just posted this on Linda Ikeji’s Instagram page after Linda shared yesterday on her blog that Wizkid was served a Quit Notice at his home in Lekki:

All those shoes and bags still won’t help u keep a good man! U and ur laptop will stay married for life! That’s why my director f.ucked u and left ur ass in the hotel Cos ur p.ussy stinks! ? I goggled “Linda at 25” and found nothing. U wish u had all I have at 25! Ur mom and ur entire family are still losers! U nothing but a blogger! All that money won’t change that. If I ever see u, I’ll get my 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of u. Ugly old b.itch! Just stay indoors and hide behind ur laptop! #UglyBitchLinda!

Just know that we balling over here! #UglyOldBitchLinda!




I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Abeg. Wizkid is just a loser, a man wit a loud mouth,he shld learn to bridle is tongue jare,she’s a blogger all d tatafos she’s blogging abt brings her money,dnt take it personal, and who cares if she sleeps wit his fada sef

  2. Who cares if Linda Ikeji slept with your director. Even if slept slept with your father I don’t care. All I want is that wizkid should control the way he talks and insults Linda Ikeji all about the social media. NONSENSE SMALL DOG @ WIZKID.

  3. C all haters,,of wizkid go to hell,,fools
    Pray make your generation reach quarter of wizzy,,,

  4. Oga smal body wizkid u no knw ur self @ all. U should b thinking of. ” hw to write more songs” than disturbing a millionaire woman who those nt even have ur tym. Here maturity cum to play. Smal pinkin wizkid

  5. violov you re a big fool u dnt have brain why will shegive fake news at the first please @toyin i knw all ur family can’t get to were.he is now in his life u better go and fine away for ur family mumu

  6. see mumu way they call person way go buy al your family small pinkin u better go and think about how u go get money feed ur family @victor foooooool

  7. Wizkid is just a child as his name implies. He so lacks maturity and Wisdom.
    Linda is a blogger correct and i believe all shes saying is true bcoz truth hurts. Sew your coat according to what u earn nd stop disgracing urself and the reputation u have built wizkid. …. Growup

  8. Brahahahaha, Just d way ur name b na so ur sense be @ ibile. U don’t really knw wat to say. So shut up ur mouth and think b4 talking. Ibile foooooooool

  9. Wait o,@ ibile if am right I think u were the 1 that came to my huz wit your family to beg for money to pay fees and u open ur mouth to say trash. You are such a very big foooool @ ibile. Really think b4 u talk dieing slim ibile. Brahahahahaha


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