Home Entertainment Gists Wizkid Follows Linda Ikeji On IG, Fires More Shots On Snapchat | Photos
Wizkid Follows Linda Ikeji On IG, Fires More Shots On Snapchat | Photos

Wizkid Follows Linda Ikeji On IG, Fires More Shots On Snapchat | Photos



It definitely looks like the beef between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji won’t be coming to an end anytime soon as they continue to trend on social media.

Wizkid took the beef with Wizkid to his Snapchat when he posted some photos of her which look somewhat edited. See the photos below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 19.18.15



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Pls Linda,if I were you i ll keep silent. Instead of exchanging words with some shameless spoil brat.money miss road.that’s why he is misbehaving. He ll come beging someday.when the way of a man pleases the Lord his enemies become his friend.

  2. WizKid is justjust showing how little and myioic he can be. Why is he so bitter…..yeah hwz an irresponsible guy putting women in d family way n he can’t stand up to fatherhood responsibilities. If Linda slept with your father who cares? How many old mamas have u slept with. Plz grow up n stop acting like ur a kid kuz ur no more 25 in fact u CNT b 25 every year. Linda plz ignore him kuz hwz a child….Lil spoilt brat.

  3. Linda ikeji should learn her lessons… when wizkid bought a house in Los Angeles linda ikeji ignored that one, she only drops bad news about wizkid, she deserves everything wizkid is throwing at her ryt now.

  4. Linda u bigger dan dis pls just leave wizard a child ll always b a child….Nt every 1 deserves ur words

  5. All dis are justify able if indeed d fact abt wizkid info is totally wrong I mean, u dnt expect to give false info abt sombdy and d person wuld jst sit bck as a celebrity when u kwn it’s a big stain to his name what are we saying abeg if it was some of u,u might even do worse. Because u wnt to make money u are giving negative news and being one sided if u want to give a new say all of it both positive ad negative den u are talking

  6. Cmon! Wts all these bout? Wizkid is jst being irrational bout dis whole tin,dis is nt wt civilized adults do.Wizy,I thot u were better than this,I dint xpect dis frm u

  7. people are funny when they say whiz kid bought a house in the u.s(los angels ) for that matter…lols have u guys ever seen the house or know how much a crib cost in los angels?…no super star in Nigeria can buy that house and won’t go broke..except a footballer ..so please shut up and know a fake hype when u hear one

  8. and again they should learn what blogging is all about ..few Nigerians know nothing about blogging..an entertainment blogger like Linda ikeji knows what she is doing …she talks good and the bad news and even the ugly news that’s what’s up..I don’t know why people can’t just learn and shut up ..they think blogging is about writing ones success ..its also about writing an artist ups and downs ..no matter how bad it is …its still the fun of it and the nature of the job..make una enter USA na make u see real blogging ..they are here talking and criticising Linda…Linda messed up for replying whizkid self…that’s why I give so much respect to excetra ..he writes and exposes the lies of fake wack musicians who live like they are in the videos and deceive people..what a waste..

  9. dude would come up and take a selfie in a crib and dudes would be like ..yea he bought a crib in los angels …lolz…people can’t just wake up and realize what show biz is all about ..even MTV crib tells some artist to go rent an apartment to make their crib look like the mansions we believe they all live in…Red man is a living witness to that…pls stop all this fake hype…travelling to the USA doesn’t mean ur a billionaire ..some people travel abroad down here in surulere like they are going to bode Thomas to Victoria island and they don’t make all that baboon noise going on


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