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Why Would Linda Ikeji Not Publish Drake Featuring Wizkid

Why Would Linda Ikeji Not Publish Drake Featuring Wizkid


Wizkid Linda

This has been on my mind for a while now, basically since the feud between celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji and Wizkid went from bad to worse few days ago after Wizkid dropped the epic comment on Linda Ikeji’s page. Here is my concern, why would Linda Ikeji publish only the “negatives” of most musicians then turn a blind eye on their major achievements ?

Well its easy to say, its her blog so its her choice right ? but ill say that is a rather bad decision to only bring out the shortcomings of these artists tarnishing the image they built over the years. It will not only make you an ethical and righteous blogger publishing these guys’ achievements but you will also be more respected and celebrated for your work.

You are making dope money, yikes! we all know its all about the money but not at the detriment of other people’s careers. You are a blogger I get the fact that there is no way you can be at that level and not hurt some people, but all I’m saying is you can be happier with yourself when you also write good things about these same people. Then you made mention of something I read on another blog, they said and I quot;

Linda Ikeji shared a major key with Nigerian bloggers – Don’t be friends with Nigerian celebrities because it gives you less to write about

This above is not entirely true. It all depends on perspectives. You could be that blogger who has exclusive news of artists signing big endorsements and becoming brand ambassadors based on your personal relationships with them, which would also mostly come with other benefits for your blog’s exclusivity. Noble Igwe (360nobs) is an example of a successful blogger who has a cordial relationship with celebrities, I watched clips from his wedding ceremony it was graced by many notable celebrities who were there to rejoice with him on his special day. So that aunty Linda it is from the point at which you view yourself as a blogger and what derive joy writing about.

One of the biggest achievements of Wizkid as a Nigerian singer happened few hours ago when Drake featured him on a song which features on Drake’s album titled One Dance. I believe that should make you proud as a Nigerian. Its not every time money! publish it, If you cant publish it, tweet something about it, if you cant, post on IG something nice about it. If you cant do any of that then don’t publish it when Wizkid impregnates third “BabyMama”. That would,nt be fair to Wizkid’s brand.

Convince us its nothing personal like you claimed. Well you actually don’t need to convince anyone though. But that said, celebrate him, you have the ability to reach thousands without moving a foot, share more good news on your blog. You can even add the iTunes link where they can buy the song in the article which I did anyways as I am a huge fan of Wizkid and the reason I’m writing you this letter. You are not trying to get on Wizkid‘s good side, but you are doing this for yourself, cause sometimes I wonder how you are at peace with yourself writing only bad news about these artists, this goes for Olamide‘s career too, you handle it the same way as Wizkid’s.

Aunty Linda, you once said in an interview that Uche Pedro (BellaNaija) inspired you to start blogging, she is the perfect example of the word “role model” she is not “loud” if you know what I mean, you can learn one or two things from her. She is well respected for her work and loved by many celebrities and yet she is still very successful as well.

I do not want to talk about your being married or not which as been an issue of concern for your fans but ill tell you this is your personal decision and you don’t deserve to be crucified for this people are just concerned because its uncommon in this part of the world, and from your last note to Wizkid, it shows you are bothered about it contrary to what you claim which isnt fair to you either.

I want to leave you with this, ask yourself what you want to be remembered for when you are gone. Do you want to be remembered as the blogger who ruined marriages, flaunted expensive bags and shoes and destroyed people’s careers or the blogger who was diligent, unbiased, ethical and absolutely professional  and was just doing her job ??? You choose.

From a concerned Nigerian




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  1. Tanks man, may u leave long, u’ve said it all, a word is enough 4 d wise, left 4 here 2 correct are mistakes.

  2. This writer just spoke my mind! All these bloggers are heartless especially Linda ikeji! Fine! She publishes news and updates us, she gets her dough, that’s business! But when u now venture to tarnish people’s image because of your pocket, that is wickedness! Sheer wickedness! U may not care, see it as if u are doing your work, but that is what they call ‘owo epe’ in Yoruba land.
    Even AY makun said that they don’t see the good sides but only the bad sides of celebrities!
    It so sad! Do u guys think its easy to be a celebrity! They also sacrificed a lot to get there now, cut them some slacks once in a while! If wizkid reacted like that, its because of his frustration at the moment, when u are trying to do good and someone is hell bent on bringing u down, its not too cool now.
    We are their fans! Yes! But they have their lives to live too, we can’t dictate their life for them. This people have families too, they have their own private life, just as u have yours (Linda Ikeji). Wizkid have two baby mamas, its his business, not yours, u ain’t the one paying his bills and he didn’t beg u for money!
    Why linda ikeji is single at 40!!! This will be a perfect eye catching headline and will rake in millions for u, its business! But why won’t u blog that? Because its your personal life, so u don’t care about the money, u should have the same mindset when dealing with celebrities too, they have personal lives too mehn! U don’t have to turn their fans against them! Nobody is perfect now.

    Few weeks ago, there was a pics posted on IG and fand dissed laura ikeji! Her friends posted a note to fans about this. Why? Cause it hurts to be badly talked about. So imagine this kinda scenarios too and do the right thing when talking about celebrities. Its not all about money! It can make or mar one’s life! No one is perfect even u!
    So take a chill pill mehn! Relax! Life is not hard! It could be you tomorrow! Put yourself in their shoes! Do the right thing.
    N.B: To the fans who take delight in writing rubbish about celebrities, guess u are all doing that because ur life is in a box and u don’t think outside the box, cause if u do plan on making it big in life, u would imagine yourselves in that kinda situation and talk with sense!

  3. May God bless this blogger in billion folds. He went through my mind and did justice to d write up more than I would have done, big ups bro! If only Linda would be sensible enough to take this article so seriously,I might end up being her number 1 fan and pray for her happiness like I always do for wicked. Let’s live together in love and peace.#abigbearhug#

  4. Evri one is entitled to their own opinion…. na only brok people dy carry d mata 4 dia head…

  5. Jane do u have sense atall? Shame on u for talking like a fool.. Dis is y nija is in a mess rite now, cos while odas are working hard to achieve positive results, someone out dere would come from nowhere wit negative energy to drop daft words

  6. @linda ikeji, all eyes on u, so pls endeavour to do d rite tin atall times.. Be fair to wizkid.. God bless ur hustle Linda and God speed wizkid

  7. But really what do we understand by blogging and media?paparazi …it’s all about carrying news ..both good and bad news..its all about researching the artist ups and downs as a star everyone wants to know what’s up about him.I don’t think Linda ikeji insulted whiz kid first or anything like you guys claimed..she wrote about the dude being handed out a quit notice to vacate his crib which he claimed he bought! Even in the states artist lie their ass out and bloggers talk about them all the time..they even follow up about the kind of lifestyle they live .Linda shouldn’t have replied whiz kid when he fired shots at her, as a blogger that was unprofessional ..but Nigerian artist lie too much sha o..anyway that’s why its called show biz..

  8. Nigerians and jobless attitude don’t know why criticism does not work with our mentality. U have talent on writing about people issues, people making wave with their childish fight , shit. #DWSM

  9. Pls whoever d blogger is,u hv spoken wat u think is right but b fair,try nd advise ur wizkid nd not try nd mak him a king which we all kn he is not.linda is a gossip blogger nd publishes any hidden story abt a celeb.good or bad.d way wizkid went abt insulti linda nt d best @ all.wizkid shld stop behavin lik a child nd grow up!linda was only doi her job which she is nt suppose 2 allow any news 2 pass her by.we all kn dat any story abt a celeb maks d world go round.so pls all shld free linda nd let her b!

  10. Uve all spoken well,either takin linda’s side or wizzy!but let’s bear in mind dat our artiste should also b celebrated,pass more accolade than runnin em down.they(linda n wizzy)r doin doin great job.there r 2sides 2 a coin,but b4 we start runnin our mouth,based on beef,digest d mata then wit that,peeps’ll make more [email protected] people came @ linda,then wizzy.for God’s sake,why is it that a better half of Nigerians prefare d negative report abt others(not talkin of linda here)?ive noticed that via social media.if we continue lyk this,it means there can’t b positive transformation for us.tink abt it….linda,do ur job,wizzy’s my own naija’s best artiste(plenty luv 4 u bro)!!

  11. please who wrote this stupid thing about drake feat.whiz kid? what a stupid dumb lame thing..have you heard that song? whiz kid was only harmonizing ….it seemed he was used to complete the songs beats and instrumental ..please stop saying he was featured. those american guys are probably laughing right now..they don’t need our kind of voice in their R n B …if it was whiz kid that featured drake am sure drake would have a verse to sing or rap..but check the reverse ..all I heard was drake singing and whizkid just harmonising at the back ground and you say he was featured…. lols


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