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Short Romantic Story Of The Day: Will You Be My Girl Again?

Short Romantic Story Of The Day: Will You Be My Girl Again?



Our school life was going to over soon and on 15 february , 2015 our batch had farewell party. The girl whom i loved from core of my heart was behaving in different way that day.

She looked more gorgeous peeres in saree than i had seen her ever in school uniform. She had attractive eyes ,Fleshy lips , and round face which attracted me towards her each time i saw her. She was precious for me and i adore everything about her . She was my life star.

I hope no one will point fingers but i suppose it’s bound to happen .If you figure out who I’m talking about . Please don’t reblog and make it embrassing . Just laugh and say -” Ahh ..I see …!!”

She was precious and wonderful with every fiber of her being that builds the pureness , that was her.!!

That was the great day for us to stay close but she ignored me at every places . In group photos she had better smile but for our selfie she was never smiling.
We all were presented a momento and gifts by our principal mam and our hearts were throbbing for missing the school life in future. The sad and encouraging speech by mam boosted our mind and we could only promise to do well in exams and wherever we stand in future…

When we dispersed from auditorium , I found my Love staring at Saurav. I didn’t bother to tell anything and went straight to Amphitheatre. She reached there after two minutes with her friends. We were having a good time together but each time i noticed her ,She was busy with saurav. I knew she was doing all these just to tease me but now it was going to be excess and non bearable for me.

I got up , went to her and broke my neck’s locket which she had gifted me on valentine and threw at her -“Sun be M*š*c**…Aaj ke baad mujhe apni shakal na dikhaiyo…””
I said this in very angry mood and moved out of there quikly..

Her face had turned red soon and she followed me till main gate. She was my love and meant everything to me whom i would never let to cry.

I’m sorry yaar …please forgive me..I was just trying to tease you…I am sorry ..please don’t mind it…-She said all these in a breathe with her moist eyes.

Today was a special day and you were just trying to waste it by staring at other guy..whereas i wanted you with me each moment…you are really a stupid gal …!! Anyway I don’t want tears in your eyes, Come here and just give a big smile for a selfie.

Next day , She callled me and Shocked me with sad news – “God has given me punishment for teasing you. Yesterday you were bleeding near chest and seeing that i wished a punishment for hurting you. See.. my father has come to know about us.I had kept all your gifts at upper shelf of wardrobe and when my father opened it ,the teddy bear which you had gifted me on valentine day fell down. I may not talk with you for few days.please don’t be sad and take care…I will call you as soon as i am out of this situation…I will miss you too much yaar…and finally she had disconnected the call..

After that call i was totally distracted from studies because her sweet voice for an hour was really necessary to charge me up daily . She didn’t recieve any call from any number and My friends always tried to encourage me to be the topper. I tried my best to divert my mind towards academic just to forget about her.

She was in my room during exam and i could guess from her facial expression that she was little afraid. She had texted me “Best of luck for your exam ” at 1 a.m in night and for formality I replied her same sentence. Before every exam she wished me at 1 a.m but we didn’t share any words at examination centre.

Last exam was over and that day I noticed her nearing me .

Hi..!! How much do you think you will score ?? She asked.

Not much.I will land around 90% and what about you.??

I’ll be thankful to god if i score at least 75%. – She replied.

Oo..thats also a good score..well..I gotta go now..Take care..

Wait a minute vijay…Don’t ignore me like this .I need to confess something.please listen to me..–Shreya hold my hand while telling all these.

Wtf.. ..!! First you leave my hand and go on….what are you upto now. ??

I told you a lie about my father knowing our relation . It was just my plan to keep you focussed towards your studies. I wanted you to be the topper of class and i was your distraction . Thats why I had to do all these.. I am really sorry yaar but I had no other option..

Shit …wtf..!! What a girl you are.!! You think you have done a great and right thing ..Sorry ..If you are thinking so , you are totally out of your mind . Please , I don’t hate you …!! I hate that I Loved you .Loving you made me waste a year of my life. Loving you made me to take risk , I would never have otherwise. Loving you made me give it up to you. Loving you made me neglect my parents and Amy . Loving you made me not to care that my grandma just died. Loving you made me turn out bitter and hopeless . Loving you made me to hate myself . Loving you made me deluded , Irrational , inconsiderat and a liar . And because I loved you , You are always going to haunt me .How could you think that i will be able to concentrate on my studies without listing your voice . There is no point of discussion now and please for God shake leave me alone……I am dating neha now a days and please don’t follow me anymore . Thanks for all the moments we had together .

She left with moist eyes listing my words and never turned back .
Neha was never of my type . But i liked to be with her , just to forget those old memories with shreya . But It seemed impossible for me to get rid of shreya . I still couldn’t get her out of my head . Several months passed and finally my relation was over with Neha . I had to break up with her .

On 28 june 2015 , I texted Shreya -” Happy b’day and …Happy supposed to be one year..” .

But at the time , I was talking to her sister . She liked me and promised a conversation with my ex .

No one has ever hurt me so much and you my loved one …..Yes , We’d been talking lately and she admitted to miss me and still having feelings.

My first Love , I ‘m sorry for everything I ‘ve done to you ..Please get over me , Since I’m already over you . I love you from core of my heart . So If you want to , Will you be my girlfriend again.??

She was kinda speechless for a moment…Finally she told me that she was ready to take one more chance . Your happiness meant everything to me than anything else . So I never disturbed you ..I love you till now more than anyone loves you ….please don’t hurt me this time . Promise me that We will last forever . – Shreya asked for a promise .

I nodded in yes…!!And we went on…!!

Everything happens for a reason right ??
We are now dating , happy as can be . Fights here and there , but I guess that’s what makes me Love her .
I started getting feelings back , I tried to make it kinda obvious , I asked her for a movie and she was ready for it . She kept staring at me while movie was going on , which was strange . And i just wished so badly that She would kiss me . She looked over at me and said – ” Open your hand . “

So I did , and she grabbed my hand and put it over her heart and her heart beat was fast . She locked eyes with me and smiled . Her lids slowly fell like a curtain after the final encore . My pulse quickened as i tilted my head to the side
. Under the dark hall , our lips touched and I experienced my first Kiss .
She kissed me while her favourite artist Shreya Ghoshal was playing .

Perfect huh.., Happy ending…..!!!

By Ashutosh sharma



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