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Omotola Jalade Reacts To Lagos Prosecuting Tax Defaulters

Omotola Jalade Reacts To Lagos Prosecuting Tax Defaulters



Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has reacted to the decision of Lagos State Government to deal with tax defaulters. The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service had earlier said it will commence the prosecution of tax evaders and offenders in the state from April 1, 2016.

The human right activist, on her Twitter handle said Nigerians are paying taxes without amenities. While recounting the electricity doom and total blackout ongoing in Ikeja area of Lagos State, Mrs Ekeinde warned the government not to push her to talk as they will not refund all the money she uses to buy fuel, security, generators and many more for herself.

“One of The biggest fraud in Nigeria is the PHCN. In Ikeja, there’s no meter, No LIGHT EVER and they still bring bills! high bills! This Lagos Govt talking about Taxes! and prosecuting people and what rubbish? Are you kidding me?” she wrote.

The ‘Ije’ star also said that many companies such as, Dunlop have left Nigeria as a result of outrageous taxes paid without enjoying any kind of amenities.

“I paid my taxes to buying my own security, Generators, fuel, road and many more…are you going to refund me? Many companies I.e Dunlop have left Nigeria cause of your Ridiculous Taxes/lack of AMMENITIES. Still wanted to further burden citizens.” She said.

She urged Nigerian youths to stop partying and think about their country.

“If they don’t retrace their steps! and quickly too…I’ve been quiet for a minute…I hope they #dontpushme. Nigerian youth, moment you begin to think more about your country than party shenanigans n manipulations better for you.

“In developed countries you’re boldly asked for taxes because you’re well taken care of Education, health, Good roads, electricity. In Africa,Govts use Developed country’s laws but lack the intelligence and Will to provide same services for their citizens#dontpushme.

“And we still wonder why there is racism?or lack of respect for the Black man? #stopthemediocrity #moveafricaforwardorresign #dontpushme.”




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