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My Husband Of 5Years Wants A Poly Or Divorce

My Husband Of 5Years Wants A Poly Or Divorce



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
He was a little distant a few weeks ago, and finally we started talking about what was bothering him. He opened up about polyamory, and how this was his nature. We have been talking for 2 weeks almost non stop, and there is nothing else I can think about now. As much as I understand him, I don’t want to pursue polyamorous relationships myself. Just as he identifies himself as poly, I don’t feel like this is my nature. I thought about me staying as mono and him being poly, and weighed if I could handle it, but it’s really difficult for me to put myself thru all the emotional situations. Nevertheless we started seeing a therapist, to see if we could find a solution that somehow would work for both of us. I have been reading poly advice, forums, monogamish, open marriages, and they don’t appeal to me one bit. I still love him, and wish there was a way out of this. It feels like a nightmare where I’m great with him for a moment, then remember what he wants to do the next moment and start crying. It just feels awful. I feel like I’m already going thru post divorce pains as we continue to live in the same house. S8x was great until recently, and even after he came forward, but I found that i don’t want him s8xually anymore. Really lost here, and don’t know what to do… Edit: We’ve been actually married a little over 4 years and been together for one year before that… Thanks to all of you for your comments, hard truths, and support, I feel much better than how I felt this morning.



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