Home Adult Talks My Bf Constantly Asks Me Not To M8sturbate Or Else He’ll Break Up With Me
My Bf Constantly Asks Me Not To M8sturbate Or Else He’ll Break Up With Me

My Bf Constantly Asks Me Not To M8sturbate Or Else He’ll Break Up With Me



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
He found out I did it after he had asked me not to, but i thought it wasn’t a big deal, turns out it was. He and I have way to many different ideas and likes, one of them is about s8x, he then told me that it was really important to him knowing that he was the only one who could make me come, no one else and not even myself. I didn’t like the idea cause i feel is kinda oppressing, but i went along with with because i really like him. Not doing it doesn’t feel like a problem to me, the thing that bothers me is his attitude. Since I had told him i wasn’t doing it and he found out i lied, he doesn’t trust me anymore, even if he says he does, he can’t stop asking me almost every day if i’ve done it. I know i did wrong lying to him, but i really thought he wouldn’t be that angry cause i just couldn’t see it as a bad thing. When i realize it was to him, i took it seriously and since then I’ve kept the promise. It’s been two months and he keeps asking me if i’ve done it, telling that now it’s time to say the truth cause he hates lies, and when i answer that i haven’t he never seems convince, but he can’t be sure and i don’t blame him, since then he reminds me that i have already failed him once. Anyway, when i swear to him that the only times i have any s8xual contact is with him, he tells me fine, but that if that ever happens we’ll break up forever. And he’s specially suspicious when i tell him i don’t feel like having s9x cause he thinks is beacuse i’ve done it. As I said i really like him, but this constant questions are driving me nuts, i think it should be okay because i was the one who did wrong, but if he can’t let it go i don’t wanna explote either. What do you thing i should do? should i just try to relax and keep trying to make him feel secure as a men? (as he says he feels knowing his the only one) should i keep answering “no” (wich is true) paciently and hope one day he’ll stop asking? also, i keep thinking breaking up would be a lot easier since it would take all this pressure away from me, but aren’t relationships suppose to be hard and something you have to fight for? I don’t want him to suffer either, because i do know he loves me . Please, i really need help



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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