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Keke Palmer Shows Off Sexy Look For Interview Magazine

Keke Palmer Shows Off Sexy Look For Interview Magazine



Keke Palmer, 22, goes sultry in her shoot for Interview magazine. She shows off revealing poses in the black and white photos, the actress/singer also has somethings to say about herself… Find out below.


Speaking to Interview about her younger years in the industry, she has this to say… “The reason why I like that it’s out there is it reminds me that the spirit of what I’m doing is still the same, it’s just better executed. I think that’s why I like to look at it. I can see and I can tell, I’ve always been who I’ve been. I’ve always been this person. Now I know how to better express it and also how to navigate the industry. As a child, I would’ve allowed things to frustrate me and now, it’s not about that—it’s about so much more than that. I don’t take things as personally and I think that allows me to be a more creative person.”



On different sides of her personality like having three sides to her with names, she says… “Oh yes! It was a running joke when I was making my first album and when I was on tour. My different personalities would be Dika, Lika, and Mika. Dika was very sleepy—the lethargic version of me when I was tired. Dika was the one who was kind of out of it. Mika was the over-exaggerated version of Keke. She was too much. No one wanted to deal with her. And then I forget what Lika was, but it was an ongoing joke with my team about the different moods of Keke.”

Keke also admits that she is a perfectionist, she said… “Oh yes. I’m definitely a perfectionist. I started entertaining so young. I think naturally my personality is that of a perfectionist, and then on top of that, growing up in the industry I became very objective and analytical of myself early on and I find myself doing that in everything. It works good in my work, but sometimes it can be annoying, I imagine, to people in my life. ”



Source: Interview Magazine




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