Home Entertainment Gists Kate Henshaw Shows Love To Tiwa Savage Following Tell-All Interview
Kate Henshaw Shows Love To Tiwa Savage Following Tell-All Interview

Kate Henshaw Shows Love To Tiwa Savage Following Tell-All Interview


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Tiwa Savage has talked about what her marriage problems with Tee Billz in a recent interview with Azuka.

Tiwa opened up on how the marriage has been over for a while, how Billz has been unfaithful and more.

While majority sympathize with the Mavin singer, some felt she’s just playing the victim and only trying to protect her personal brand which was threatened by the deragoratory things Tee Billz said.

Kate Henshaw shows love to Tiwa by slamming fans who are hating on the singer.

Read her rants below.

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  1. Aunty Kate so u think that script reading was the best abi? Why didn’t you come out and act a movie on your own marital issue? See all u celeb living a fake life to mislead other ladies God is watching you! And as for doroTiwa pls always consult sensible people before acting cos this short video clip that u showed is nothing but a disgrace to you and innocent Jamil…As for teebillz, my guy will move on and despite all those “touching stories” won’t stop the next Diva out there to want him in fact ready to give him another baby! So hold your self pity to yourself and go join Bollywood if you’re this good in acting. I’m sorry for you cos you might be d next suicide victim o with this movie wet u just act so….Good radiance to bad rubbish

  2. Tiwa, u re ma Mentor i always copy u bt wen i had abt u & ur belover husband i was speechless wit no wrd to say, cux i knw u both luvs urself dat’s y i also giv maself courage dat u both will be bck since luvs is involved & i knw it happen lyk dis sumtyms & is natural bt only d stronge hrt cme bck wch i knw u av it,& i tnk Almighty God dat even for d sake of Jamal u both will be bck cux it happen to me either wen ma Beloved Mum & Dad use to do sumtin lyk dat bt cux of me she always giv him a chance & let it go cux am also d one & only Son so try & do dsame, i knw u can do it cux i trust U! Pls dnt mind d haters…..

  3. Someone pls tell this old mama youngi what abetments means. My problem is not that Teebilz said rubbish or that Tiwa tried to defend herself. The problem is this.
    1. The so called made up interview where Tiwa rehearsed and spoke stupidly goes a long way to show how uneducated those around her even the don jazz who obviously would have arranged for such. Firstly if u think there was need to come defend your own side of the story, isn’t it right to state the problem and counter them. She did not do that but rather came out to talk down and even add sore to a possible suicidal because u want people to pity ur sorry ass. The guy was on the verge of killing himself bcos he wanted his wife back (who cares) but atleast that’s what he portrayed. But u TIWA was quick to make everyone see how horrible and useless he is.is that answering the question of who and who u did sleep with? U only said u have never cheated on your husband, Teebilz never said u cheated on him, he said in ur past and he accepted those sleeping around as being in ur past. So my dear it’s in ur right to have slept with these so called family friends in the past and still keep them close to the family. Lol.
    2. People forget that when u aid a suicidal u are liable to get arrested for abatment. I pity those calling for Tiwa to continue. Una go use una head carry wahala when the time comes. The reasonable thing for he to do is to calm the situation and prove her point to the world how nice she is and not come out to talk down and humiliate he private family affair which should have been kept indoor to handle as adults unless u guys are kids.

  4. @Tiwa, u really downplayed the love and affection the fans have for you with this saga.

    I would have expected you to be more matured and deal this issue in more matured way and privately than all these show of shame online realtime.

    Charly boy has said it all and am really dissapointed. Disappointed not on the allegations your husband made against u but how u have handled it.

    You have not really thought of the damage this will do to your brand.

    Please no further comment from you or teebillz.

  5. All you people ranting here,.May you not have such difficulties in your marriages.this people have suffered enough let them heal and keep your bad mouths to yourselves. I pray for you Tiwa,peace that surpasses all human understanding be bestowed upon you today…..


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