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My Girlfriend Told Me That She Doesn’t Ever Think About S8x

My Girlfriend Told Me That She Doesn’t Ever Think About S8x



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
I noticed that for the last year she sort of gave up on maintaining her w.eight, she stopped initiating any kind of s6x, and when it did happen she was kind of lazy. I felt like I was having s8x to her not with her. Add this new revelation about who needs to initiate and I am left feeling very much like any future s8x will be a favor to me and only for me.

We’re seriously at once a month…maybe. And it’s been that way since at least December. I’d say her drive is just low, but I found a s8x toy had been for sure used while I was out of the house for a few hours. So it’s not that she doesn’t think of it. Now, I admit I went through a period where my drive was low.I also struggle because at this point I don’t care. Her w.eight gain isn’t insane, but it’s enough to change her face and the way her body is shaped. She’s just one of those unfortunate people who doesn’t fare well at certain w.eights. I think she can only fit into one pair of her old jeans at this point. And she called herself “a skinny person” the other day…but also calls herself a chunker in a playful way on other days. So I think she’s aware but also in denial if that makes sense.

In contrast, when I see my middle getting soft I hit the brakes and lose the w.eight. She fell for me as a little dude, as long as it’s just a matter of self-control I feel obligated to stay in that ballpark. When I see her naked I just feel sort of sad about it. Like when you see a picture of Val Kilmer at the beach now and you sort of suck air between your teeth and think “aw that’s too bad, poor guy”. That feels so shitty to say. But selfishly it’s like I had a really cool car that got rear ended and now through no fault of my own it’s not a treat to drive it any more. And I feel sad for myself because it’s not my fault. On one hand I feel like maybe my s8x drive did go down, for some reasons. On the other, I m6sturbate at least every day so I know it’s not my s8x drive. Either way she’s saying it’s on me to change and I don’t think that’s fair. At this point I feel like we are just extremely functional roommates.

S8x is no longer part of my life and my GF says it’s because I have to be the one who initiates contact. Is this how it is everywhere?



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Well I think she means by initiating the sex is that you should start by turning her on and make her wild to beg for you Dick. I think that is what she means. Anyways, u can encourage her to loose weight as well and compliment her always. If all this didn’t work, then I think you guys need to understand each other more.


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