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Emmanuel Ikubese Says He Does Not Like Older Women

Emmanuel Ikubese Says He Does Not Like Older Women



Former Mr. Nigeria and ‘Shuga’ star Emmanuel Ikubese is gaining his way into the movie industry and internationally following his lead role in the top grossing movie in Nigeria today, ‘Fifty‘.

In a recent interview the ‘Shuga’ star talks about his project R.A.W, dating older women and his relationships.

The actor cleared the air on people calling him playboy, he said, “I am good looking so I pass on for that person but that’s not what I am.

He has this to say on his love for older women, “That is not true, I do not like older women.

The model also revealed he is a very private person and family oriented.

I love my family. They have been my support.

The actor recently disclosed his ideal lady. According to him, she has to be “a strong woman who is down to earth, very ambitious and knows what she wants, she is intelligent, understanding, very supportive, and knows when to be a woman.

Speaking about the things that turn him on in a lady, Emmanuel revealed,

I appreciate someone who brings light and positive vibes to an environment with the way she talks and comports herself. I also like a woman who is very intelligent, someone who I can share ideas with. Someone who can challenge me and talk about creative stuff.

A woman with a great sense of humour, who can take a joke and understands that things are never that serious. Someone who is happy and fun loving and listens.

“Falling in love means there is no longer self in the decisions one makes.” He said, dropping a relationship tip.




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