Home News David Is G.ay And Ruth Is A L.esbian, Rev. Jide Macaulay Says
David Is G.ay And Ruth Is A L.esbian, Rev. Jide Macaulay Says

David Is G.ay And Ruth Is A L.esbian, Rev. Jide Macaulay Says


Rev Jide

Rev. Jide Macaulay, Nigeria’s first openly gay pastor is stirring another controversy and this time, he is sure to be up in arms with a lot of Christians who are bound to find his words very discomforting

The Founder of House of Rainbow, a church where homosexuals and lesbians worship, took to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce an upcoming event that the coalition is putting together tagged:

‘What does the Bible say about homosexuality?’

But Macaulay who describes himself as an activist, author and queer theologian, went further to say that from what he has reading the Bible, the great King David was g.ay while another character in the bible, Ruth was a lesbian.

Read what he wrote:

“The Holy Bible tells me DAVID IS G.AY & RUTH IS A LESBIAN. If this makes you mad, you need to wake up.

Being g.ay is not a criteria for heaven, neither is heterosexual. Jesus said love God and your neighbour as yourself. Queering the bible is not a new thing; there is black theology associated with empowering black people who were once a subject of brutal interpretation and oppression.

Slavery was a construction of religious interpretations and for Queer Theology, we must look holistically at the text that speak or remotely represents. Women were once victims of the theology of inequality and then Feminist theology was developed. We must offer liberation and inclusion in its fullness.

David and Jonathan are G.ays, Ruth and Naomi are lesbians; if we are to interpret using modern languages to describe the behaviours, accounts and evidences in the bible.

Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed an additional thousand slaves only if they knew they were slaves”.

Not many LGBT people of faith will accept this queering of the bible because they don’t want to believe they too had a very special place in biblical history.”

See the tweet here.



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  1. If David was a gay while will he be tested with a fair complexion lady to ascertain if he was still active as a man at his dying stage and why will naomi set up Ruth for a marriage with a man. Please leave bible out of ur corrupt and reprobate mind way of twisting the truth

  2. You will be the one to wake up in hell to realize how deceived you are. If David had Saul’s daughter and his captain’s wife he plotted and kill while Ruth Married Boaz and This is ur definition of gay and lesbian. Then wake up read again false prophet heading for destruction.

  3. May God forgive you for u r just a confused man trying to find out what to say. I pray for wisdom and understanding from the holy spirit for u

  4. Government should arrest and sentence and jail this guy before he spread those words of gay and lesbianism. He’s a Nigerian bastard…

  5. Since you have exercised your free will by wilfully yielding your members as instrument of un righteousness in this last days. You will surely burn in hell.if you refused to repent of your sin because you give account of every word you give out there in the day of judgement bro.. I pray for you that every stronghold established in your life that is controlling your mind will be consumed by fire!! And your eyes of understanding will be enlightened IJMN.


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