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Beyonce And Jay Z Step Out Without Their Wedding Rings

Beyonce And Jay Z Step Out Without Their Wedding Rings



It seems the storm may not be over yet for entertainment world’s famous couple, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Yesterday, E! News reported that the duo were spotted without their wedding rings, and this is already raising questions on the state of their marriage. At the Miami event centre where the singer kicked off her Formation World Tour, she was spotted, prior to the all night show, ringless.


And she was not alone in this. Her husband, the rap guru Jay Z, also had no ring on. See his photo with Dj Khaled:


While Beyonce’s could be explained that she may not have wanted to have a ring on due her energetic performances during the tour, none can be given for the husband, even though she gave him a warm shout out on the first day of her tour and dedicated a song to him.

E! adds that the “lack of wedding bands may be due to their more permanent symbol of love for one another: matching IV tattoos on their ring fingers. The couple got the ink job to symbolise their wedding date, April 4, 2008, and also because their birthdays are on the fourth- while hers is Sept. 4, the rapper’s is on Dec. 4.

However, E! reports that during the tumultuous 2014, after the rumours of Jay Z cheating surfaced on social media, Beyonce applied bandaid on her tattoo, fading it. And since then, the ink job remains faded.

So, do we think they are falling apart again? We are guessing the album, Lemonade, is the most important part of their lives, as it is Bey’s healing and accepting her husband back.

We look forward to seeing the rings again!

Source: E!




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