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Is Divorce My Only Option At This Point?

Is Divorce My Only Option At This Point?



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
We’ve been married for 4 years, together for 8 before that. When we were 3 years into our relationship, I found out that she was having Lunch days with another guy. They were romantic in nature, but am not sure how far physically they went. We split for a couple of months at the time, so that she could figure out what she wanted.

We got back together, and everything in my mind was going well until last night. I was under suspicion that she was seeing another guy for a while. I even came on here once and asked for help, but I had my finger pointed at the wrong guy. When it came out that she wasn’t seeing him I got blasted. Last night on a whim I checked our log of text messages because I noticed that when I’d wake up at night, she would be getting messages on her phone. Site enough, she was talking to another guy. Sending pictures, s8xting, complaining about me, the whole night.

She said that they met for lunch once (been shown this road before), and that they’ve only kissed. (yeah right).

Our marriage had been tough the last couple of years. We have 3 kids, 13F, 10F, and 4M. Our 4 year old has slept in our bed for the last 2 years, and has effectively made it a dead bedroom. We have s8x (if you call it that… No foreplay, her- take my pants off and do your thing but don’t kiss me.) about once every 2 months.

Divorce runs deep in my family (dad on his 5th marriage, my brother just ended his, 2 aunts on their 4th and 5th as well, and I prided myself on being the one that was going to make it. I make 4 to 5 times what my wife does. Last night she was begging me not to leave her, and in the back of my mind it’s because I feel that she knows that she would be financially ruined. Is divorce my only option at this point? “Fool me once, shame on her. Fool me twice shame on me.”



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