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Why Popular Music Award Organizers May Call Off The Award

Why Popular Music Award Organizers May Call Off The Award



On Wednesday, March 9 Theresa Iyiola Ayoade who is one of the CEOs of Charter House in Ghana, the organisers of the prestigious annual Ghana music awards (GMA) was on Starr FM, Ghana.

The Ghanaian lady is married to a Nigerian Iyiola Ayoade whose Charter House has been organising the award for 16 years  going voiced her regret of going into the popular Ghana music terrain because their efforts are not appreciated enough.

Ayoade said: “I do regret along the line in the sense that we are putting in so much efforts and it seems that it is not appreciated and not valued. At the end of the day we derive satisfaction that we know we are doing a good job and doing our best and that discerning people are listening,”

Ayoade added that it is ‘unfortunate’ that the musicians prefer to attack her personality and fuel hate for the organisation. She said that she wishes the public would ‘calm down and appreciate the work of Charter House’.

Prominent Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale has been at war with her saying she sidelines Ghanaian artist. Wale took to his social media timeline in 2014 to insult Ayoade and her Charter House. He also vowed not to enter for the award again. Ayoade fights back when he dragged Wale to court and refused an out-of-court settlement.

Like Shatta Wale, Sakordie accused Ayoade of trying to outsmart him.

The Ghana Music awards was established in 2000 by Charter House production by Nigerian born Ghana based music enthusiast Theresa Iyiola Ayoade.

Iyiola Ayoade has been known as the biggest player in the Ghana showbiz sector. He is the CEO of Charter House, which has been the sole organiser of the annual Ghana Music Awards for over 16 years. His outfit is also the organiser of the annual Miss Malaika Ghana beauty pageant. He also has a couple of other high-flying showbiz concepts including Night of A Thousand Laughs and Stars of The Future. Iyiola runs his company with his Ghanaian wife, Theresa. Ayoade put up for sale his Gh One TV station in 2015 for an unknown reason.



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