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Sonia Ogbonna Defends Laura Ikeji, Write Note To Haters

Sonia Ogbonna Defends Laura Ikeji, Write Note To Haters



IK Ogbonna’s wife Sonia Ogbonna has come to the defence of her friend Laura Ikeji after Instagram trolls came after her yesterday, March 30, 2016.

Sonia Ogbonna shared a selfie of her with Laura Ikeji yesterday and captioned it “Positivity only Braids Gang @lauraikeji looks 13 with no makeup on.”  People came out afterwards to slaughter Laura Ikeji in the comment section.

Today (March 31, 2016) Sonia Ogbonna has come out to defend her friend who is the Linda Ikeji‘s sister. She shared a note on her Instagram that said

Whatever you say has nothing to do with a person you are talking about- it’s just an reflection of your heart, state of mind and who you truly are.

In the caption she wrote “Let me tell you,it’s so damn easy to bring a human being down. We are all meant to be so insecure and our self esteem is very fragile. Each and every of us (especially you sitting somewhere and writing nasty comments and calling people names on social media!). No matter how bad you form-building a self confidence is a serious hard work and a gradual process that takes much time, wisdom and experience and still most people die without succeeding in it.

“So it’s not a nuclear science to manage to bring someone down. Piece of cake. But will that fix u up? Will it help you overcome your own insecurities and issues you are facing?

“Real strength and a power in us lays in a capability of making someone smile and feel better about themselves. Now that’s a hard work my friends.

“When I came to Nigeria for the first time as a public figure’s girlfriend,I was in shock after reading comments about me. Wait,I was ugly? A transgender? What?! Ashawo/Runs babe? Lol . You won’t believe things I got to read. For the first time of my life people I have no clue exist had so many things to say about me. Did it made me feel bad? Surely it did.

Luckily, I’m a fast learner and I understood how to deal with it in a proper way- simply you can’t see negativity in a positive atmosphere.  But still.

My friends, we are all better then that. Help someone grow. Help someone see better perspective. Influence people around you with smiles,joy and positive vibes. It will change your whole life, I promise” she wrote.



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