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Short Romantic Story… This Made Me Cry Alot

Short Romantic Story… This Made Me Cry Alot



One sunny day in a building near a church, people gathered to pray and listen to some lectures. At the back of the room there was a girl and a boy sitting, they both went there to see each other pretended they are here to pray. When they were done praying and lectures started both brought out there phone chatting. They did not chat with each other just with other people. They kept looking at each other and wondered if the other noticed. They loved each other so much but they never told each other. He loved her more than she did.

Suddenly there was an explosion in the church and building started falling, everyone got out except for the two who were at the end of the room. The girl was screaming and was so scared, the guy saw a piece of wall that wants to fall on her so he ran and pushed her away. She was in front of the door after he pushed her but she found herself running back to him. She held his hand and tried to pull him from under the piece of wall but she failed.

The guy screamed… Leave me RUN… With tears in her eyes she said “No I wont”. The guy shouted at her “Just leave me, save yourself”. She had tears in her eyes saying “No! No!  I wont leave you again, I wont leave you to die alone, I won’t leave you to die for me”.

The guy asked why? “Why won’t you leave? Why wont you run and save your life?” The girl answered “because I……”
The guy said “I love You”. The girl said “I waited for these three words since I met you”. The guy smiled to her and held her hand saying ” I know you love me, now let me go and save yourself my love, please”.

She cried out saying I know you love me, I wont let you go. But with tears on her face she ran downstairs broke her arm and cried home. Her family taught she was crying because of her broken arm. But really she was regretting every minute she wasted not telling the guy how she felt about him.



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