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Sensual S8xy Love Poem: Feel Me

Sensual S8xy Love Poem: Feel Me



Sensual s8xy love poem are for big boys and girls that wants to add a little bit of naughtiness in their relationship, these type of deep love word hits you and your lover in all right places and set you in the mood for little intimate love play.


Feel Me

Your fingers dip below my waist,
traveling at a sensuous pace.

The lower you go,
my anticipation builds.
My heart beats faster
bracing for the thrill.

Your touch has me moaning,
begging for more.
Your hot passionate kisses;
I simply adore.

I feel it, I feel you,
as I crest on high.
Only you can take me,
on this incredible ride.

Baby, do it again,
and again and again.
I never get enough
of this delight sin.

Sensual Love Poems By K.Y.B


I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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