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Oprah Winfrey Reveals How She Lost 30 Pounds

Oprah Winfrey Reveals How She Lost 30 Pounds



Oprah Winfrey spoke with fans during a phone call highlighting the Weight Watchers Connect App and she revealed how she managed to lose 30 pounds.  So how has the media mogul managed to lose 30 pounds?

“I basically eat exactly what I want and if I can’t figure out what the points are…I just say I’m going to pass on that. If I can’t begin to measure the points, I usually pass.”

She also gave fellow Weight Watchers members some tricks on how to jazz up their meals.

One caller noted that spaghetti squash was a tasty alternative to the carb-heavy cuisine and Oprah added, “I do that too and what I found is that if you put just a few noodles in with the spaghetti squash, just a few, like a little mixture…like two points worth of noodles instead of five points worth of noodles, it’s a lot more satisfying.”

But there was one major pointer that callers taught Oprah about during the chat today: the magical powers of water!

“I’ve seen a lot of comments about water, maybe that’s my problem,” she explained to one member. “I don’t get enough water in the day. I don’t really like water but I’m grateful to have it.”

She joked, “I’m drinking right now, like right now as I’m talking to you all, I’m drinking a tea. It’s like water infused with ginger and a hint of vanilla—I’m trying to trick myself that way.”





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