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Omotola On Social Media – ”You Can’t Say Anything Stupid About My Kids…”

Omotola On Social Media – ”You Can’t Say Anything Stupid About My Kids…”


Award winning Nollywood actress and mother of 4, Omotola J Ekeinde, who recently won the award for the ‘Entertainment Personality of the year’ at the recently held City People Social media awards, has shared her take on social media especially pertaining to her colleagues and her four children.


In a recent chat with City People, Omotola revealed:

When asked about aspects of social media she does not like:

”Yes, I don’t promote negativity. To what end? That is not what I promote. That is not what I am about. That is why I don’t join other people to attack my colleagues. If I see that you attack a colleague of mine, I silently block you.
You don’t even have to attack me, because I don’t even want such a person following me. Seriously I am like that. I haven’t said this before.


This is the first time I am saying it and I think it is important that I say it, I silently block people who attack my colleagues. I have blocked a lot of people. If you don’t attack Omotola but you attack a colleague of mine, I will block you, because I don’t think it is right. I can take criticisms. You can criticize people but don’t be demeaning, insultive, because you really cannot insult me if you see me one on one anyway. So, why do it on the internet. It is not fair.

So if you come on my instagram page and you say something I don’t like, if it is not demeaning, or out rightly insultive, I will ignore it. But if it is insulting, I will block you. It is as simple as that. And my kids are a no go area.

You cannot say anything stupid about my kids because I am a mother and my 1st job is to protect my kids. If you say anything nasty about my kids. You are blocked. Its just as simple as that. Don’t bring negativity around me”



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