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‘Mariah, I Love You. I Need Your Help. Please Don’t Abandon Me.’ Dying Sister Pleads With Singer

‘Mariah, I Love You. I Need Your Help. Please Don’t Abandon Me.’ Dying Sister Pleads With Singer



Mariah Carey’s dying sister has made an impassioned plea to her famous sibling, begging her to mend the rift between them and help save her life, saying: ‘Mariah I love you, I desperately need your help.’

Just months after doctors brought her back from the brink of death, recovering drug addict Alison Carey, who is also HIV positive, is a broken woman.

She is in dire need of financial support as she battles back to health following a devastating home invasion attack last April that  left her brain damaged and seriously ill. She has been in and out of the hospital.

Amid mounting medical bills, desperate Alison awaits further life-threatening brain and spine surgery and if she pulls through, faces years of physical rehabilitation.

And in a heartbreaking video – released exclusively to Daily Mail Online to highlight her plight – Alison sends out a plea to her superstar sister in the hope she will step in to help.

In a video filmed this week, Alison, 54, speaks directly to the ‘I’ll be There’ singer in a moving message, she says: ‘Mariah I love you, and I desperately need your help, please don’t abandon me like this.’

In a previous video, seen by Daily Mail Online, made on September 15 last year by Alison’s brother Morgan Carey,  Alison was at her lowest point  – 24 hours after she was taken off a ventilator keeping her alive in hospital.

Morgan made the video after being forced to intervene when he claims to have discovered a family member signed a ‘do not resuscitate’ order on Alison should she have a seizure.

Morgan, 55, wanted to prove Alison was lucid and had her faculties about her.

In the short clip the penniless former prostitute is spaced out  and slurring her words as brother Morgan asks for her permission to have the order lifted.

Morgan says: ‘Alison, look at me, you’re Alison Carey, are you Alison Carey?’ She responds: ‘Yes’.

Morgan continues: ‘Today is September 15, 2015?’

‘Yes’, she replied.

‘[Redacted]  signed a “do not resuscitate”…do you want to revoke that order?’

Morgan asked the question three times and she responded, ‘I do’, each time.

Morgan hopes the heart-breaking video will strike a chord with Mariah and go some way to mend the long running family feud that has torn the Carey family apart.

He’s hoping Mariah, who has an estimated net worth of $510 million, will put her hand in her vast pocket and pay for Alison’s health care.

A representatives for Mariah denies the claim that she has not helped her sister. ‘Through the years, Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children,’ the rep told Daily Mail Online. ‘In fact, Mariah has supported her extended family for over two decades.’





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