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How We Shared Our Properties – Peter Okoye

How We Shared Our Properties – Peter Okoye


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Peter Okoye revealed P-Square shared their properties over 2 years ago in his long interview with NET.

Read below as he dishes on how they shared their properties


‘Because of what was happening, it was like two against one, so I said let’s share our properties. When I said that, Paul said if we want to share our properties, Jude must get the same share with us otherwise Psquare will split and I was like ‘SPLIT-AGAIN?’

‘Our lawyer came and told Paul that it’s wrong to share it equally with Jude, but he insisted, so we divided every property we owned in Lagos, Jos, America, Abuja. In-fact the right and left wing of the Square Ville mansion belongs to Paul and Jude now.

So that was how we shared all our properties equally among the three of us about two or three years ago.’

‘After sharing everything, I called Paul again and spoke to him about a proper structure. We’ve been with people like Akon and co and we see how it’s done. Right now, Psquare has millions of dollars in royalties hanging in the air.’

All our endorsement and shows are shared equally between the three of us as well.’



‘After what it took to share our properties, I was embarking on a project, so I needed more money and I wanted to sell my house in America and buy something smaller, because I spend close to $30,000 to maintain that condo every year.’



‘So I called my caretaker to begin the process and she told Jude and Paul to send their data page and passport photographs, but they refused because they know I wanted to the sell the house. And see the value of dollars now. The house was valued at 100M then, but if I sell it now, I could make extra 250M.


‘And we already signed paper works and document of the house that it belongs to me but Jude ignored it, so I called our lawyer, Festus Keyamo to inform him about the development. He called them and they both refused to pick his call, so he sent them a text and requested that we should have a meeting, but Jude replied him and said no need for a meeting that the America house will be sold.’

‘Paul said we agreed and signed on how to share but we haven’t really shared it yet, after all Jude is still holding on to the documents.’

‘Three of us have properties close to each other in Parkview and that’s why I want to sell my own and move to Banana Island.’





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