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Fans React To Peter Okoye’s New Stage Name “Mr P”

Fans React To Peter Okoye’s New Stage Name “Mr P”


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Its no more news the Okoye brothers of P Square are on the verge of breaking up. Peter Okoye who has since unofficially launched his solo carrier took to Instagram to share his new snapbacks as a way of promoting his new brand Mr P. Fans of Peter Okoye reacts to his new stage name and management on Instagram. Read some of the comments after the cut..

iacloclinton Peter peter… if you guys want to salvage the brand “Psquare” . You must be fast about it cos if anyone of you achieve success more than the other in this solo race you’re about to commence; know that reunion will not be as easy as you think! and even if you guys go solo, never and ever will the success of any of you get to 1/4 of the international-outcome the brand psquare has made you to achieve! If the rift between jude and peter is the problem then jude can be replaced! Cos MJ your No1 model did it to his dad, beyonce, and even usher too did it to his mother. The life of biz is different from it’s owner: family issues are solved demestically and biz issues are resolved transactionally. And know that you are excelling not because of your voices or tarlent but; the grace upon the twins you are: if is tarlent, Fazealone sings better than the two of you and today is nomore! Where is Wande cole? Where is Dbanj? Where is ojb? Pride only enables us to acquire accumulated losses instead of profit. Think twice before saying goodbye to your twin brother!

sagetonyx I’m not here to crack on issues of their quarrels. Sometimes, family gets soured but in due time, it’s all patched up. To our beloved artists, we only recognize the name #Psquare. Therefore Mr.P still remain anonymous to your fans. Get it straight #twinbros, I can never support either Peter or Paul (neither will I support P-classic record label or Rudeboy record label). All I support is the name #Psquare (Square record). And sincerely speaking, no single album of yours will I ever buy or download if not bearing the name Psquare. #PEACE

oluomachi11 Good morning sir.u may not know me….am one of ur fans who respect u and ur brother a lot….it hurt me to see dat u and ur brother r no longer together….i want to ask u a sample question….as u r alone now….r u not missing ur blood, twin, frnd, and brother…what ever thing dat have caused dis problem…can u remember how u and ur brother started? What u guys has passed through, let me tell u de Gospel truth…u can’t do with your brother….God knows dat dis will happen one day dats why…he gave uVoice….but didn’t give dance….he gave ur brother steps ….but didn’t give him voice….do u think is only because of u dat people r buying ur songs? Capital NO is because of both of u…dat people buy ur songs I beg u in de name of God….forget what ever thing dey have done to u…pls let go back to ur…blood, twin, best frnd, frnd and brother I beg u in de name of God….forget what ever thing dey have done to u…pls let go back to ur…blood, twin, best frnd, frnd and brother Pls check social network and see what is happening dia….people r not happy cos u r alone Nd forget what everything dat has happened….let me tell u dat some people r happy dat u and ur brother r no longer together Pls we love u u guys and it hurt me….i didn’t slip last nite cos of it . We love u guys.

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I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. is a pity to pity a pity person#
    Nnam ,kedu ihe unu ga akuziri anyi Ka na etorite etorite#
    make una use una brain before anything else ,;better go and settle with ur brother both Jude

    our people says that ( oy’i naa na nwanne aga ana)
    Ekelekwaa mu unu.

    from ifitedunu and abagana society .Golden child football academy eziowelle .


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