Home Entertainment ‘Expendables 4’ To Start Shooting This Fall
‘Expendables 4’ To Start Shooting This Fall

‘Expendables 4’ To Start Shooting This Fall



The Expendables 4 is set for a production start soon as the studio behind it will no doubt want to react to Sylvester Stallone’s recent Oscar nomination, and the rest of his success with the superb Creed.

While chatting to one of the original movie’s stars at the Arnold Sports Festival, The Arnold Fans managed to speak with Randy Couture, who apparently confirmed that the film would roll into production this Fall.

Here’s their confirmation tweet:

The Expendables 4 already has a distribution deal in place over in China, so expect the action to relocate over there for the fourth big outing for Sly and co. There is no casting news as yet, and we don’t even known if Stallone will return.

Credit: The Hollywood News




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