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2Shotz Pens Down An Emotional Letter To His Daughter As She Turns 1

2Shotz Pens Down An Emotional Letter To His Daughter As She Turns 1



Rapper 2shotz is celebrating his daughter’s first birthday without her. If you recall, the rapper and his ex Precious Jones had a public marriage breakdown after she accused him of domestic violence. You would also recall that Precious Jones defended the rapper when his ex Beverly accused an ex boyfriend of being violent towards her. Even though Beverly never mentioned a name. 2Shotz and his then wife reacted to what she said.
Years down the line, Precious Jones and 2Shotz are done and she has moved back to Canada. He penned down a note to his daughter. Read after the page break.

My darling daughter…I called u chidiebube for a huge reason….I have been denied watching ur birth and only saw u 6 months after….and ive only seen u once in my life….you have been snatched away from me and there has been a lotta lies told to d public just to enhance keeping u away from me…

it hurts me that I won’t be present for this 1st one…I miss u so much…it hurts me dat i may never be present in ur childhood to teach u a lot as a dad…I wanted u to be my ride or die n bestfriend …I wanted soooo many tins for u..but my hands are tied..for now…but i have kept silent for a huge reason n let God be awesome in ur life for me…wherever u go God will be with you and protect you… if whenever you grow up and look for me….

Let it be known to you that daddy is a famous man…ask for me and let someone who sees this somewhere somehow show this to u…and i will be waiting to see you again and tell u my side of the whole story…if u have brothers and sisters by then..they will be told about you…..and know that daddy fought really hard for you…and will still I write this in tears n joy at d same time…always remember..you are an ORIOHA…..and we love you….especially grandad, grandma, uncle muna and aunty chichi…and daddy loves and will always love you..forver…..

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY bubu…may God bless and protect you for me. with love -DADDY-“




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