Home Adult Talks Please Advise Me, Should I Tell Him How I Feel? I Am So Confused And Lost
Please Advise Me, Should I Tell Him How I Feel? I Am So Confused And Lost

Please Advise Me, Should I Tell Him How I Feel? I Am So Confused And Lost



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Hi NGTrends Readers,
My name is Teniola, I have been in this relationship for 2years and every moment is terrible for me, horrifying. I really loved my significant other but now my life seem upside down.I have been in this abused relationship for 2years, I get hurt, he beats me,I cut myself when am hurt and he doesn’t listen. My lover does not care about anything aside the s8x, he is always nice to me when he wants us to f8ck. I found it difficult to leave the relationship even though I know it is not good enough for me. This relationship affects everything about my life,it affects me mentally, it affect my career, it affects my whole existence. My mum is been praying to God to open my eyes and let go of this man. Now that I have, I give thanks to God. I am totally over him and I feel good about myself and everything around me. The bad part of my story is that I am in love with my ex boyfriend’s cousin. I am so confused because to everyone it might seem like I want to get back at my ex-boyfriend but sincerely I love his cousin so so much. His cousin is everything I want in man. He is so caring and loving. I am yet to express my feelings towards him, I need your advice people please, Should I tell him how I feel about him? Won’t my ex-boyfriend come in to beat me in my cousin”s house? Won’t I create a great fight between them? Please I am so confused and lost.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Love is a choice dear. I think you should channel your love for now on urself, the aftermath of being with his cousin would be disastrous and you may do more than cutting yourself this time.
    Think about yourself first. Why I say love is a choice is cos, you can choose to be in love with someone else not someone that would cause issues

  2. My padi, I was once like you. Very naive, very loving, very forgiving. I want to beg you to help yourself and STOP all these falling in love that you are falling. From your description of yourself, u seem to bea diamond, a rare gem, beautiful, kind nd lovely, but you don’t do well under intense heat and extreme pressure. Please, learn to be hard and tough like a real diamond. Steel up and think, I am sure that a guy who deserves your heart will come your way soon. Forget his cousin!!! I am a guy and I sabi as guys dey do, dey fit don plan for you, guys can b insanely twisted

  3. Please don’t even think about it, stay away from the cousin and your ex, to avoid stories that touches the heart.


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