Home Entertainment How ‘Walking Dead’ Delivered Its Most Intriguing Moment Yet
How ‘Walking Dead’ Delivered Its Most Intriguing Moment Yet

How ‘Walking Dead’ Delivered Its Most Intriguing Moment Yet



Yesterday was a bloody hilarious valentine, courtesy – the now famous episode of Walking Dead season six.

In case you are wondering what this means, Carl Grimes just lost his eye on the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. This is arguably the most intense moment from the AMC hit series.

E! News writes that, “In what has to be one of the series’ starkest moments of child brutality—which is truly saying something when you take walker Sophia, the whole Lizzie and Mika tragedy, Beth’s horrible end, and, oh yeah, that other time Carl got shot—we watched as two kids met their particularly grisly ends. And it’s all because Sam couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”


Sam got way too scared while following through Rick’s plan to get through the walker herd that had overtaken Alexandria by camouflaging as zombies, and once he starts making too much noise – it was all over! Unable to bear the horror, Jessie screamed, and she was next to follow.

Rick has to cut off the hand of Jessie, who is unwilling to let go off Carl, and things get worse as someone’s gun falls to Ron. In a moment of madness, Ron points the gun at Rick, blaming him for the calamity that just befell his family. Refusing to use her gun, so as not to attract more walkers, Michonne, hoping to protect Rick, slices Ron into half with her sword.

However, Ron would not die without one more harm, as his fingers still squeezes the trigger, sending the bullet straight into Carl’s eye. And that was the moment that crowned the show’s most horrendous and intense dramatic action yet.

What remains is where the writers will go from here. But surely, the suspense is up and running already. Just like someone commented on Twitter about the breathtaking episode; “There was walking. There was dead. It was perfect.”




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