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5 Things Kylie Jenner Wants You To Know About Her Look

5 Things Kylie Jenner Wants You To Know About Her Look


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Kylie Jenner recently granted an interview with Wonderland Magazine, where she explained in details parts of her body that are real. She listed five things she wants people to know about her look.


1.Her nose — and boobs — are real.
“I thought [internet speculation] was going to chill down when I said: ‘OK, I admit it, I got my lips done, I never lied, I just wasn’t telling the whole truth’, she tells Wonderland Magazine in their “Fame” issue. “People don’t realize I just turned 18, so there’s no way my mom would ever let me undergo a nose job or a boob job.”

2.A good bra and some extra weight could be behind all the body speculation.
Back in September, Jenner took to her website to squash implant rumors, writing “Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed,” she explained, also posting a video showing off her favorite bra (the Bombshell bra by Victoria’s Secret, for those interested).

3.She’s sick of dressing up.
“I feel like I didn’t really appreciate that side of me; the very simple, no make-up Kylie,” she tells Wonderland. “Honestly it all started with me just getting so sick and tired of having to dress up everyday …”

  1. Even Kylie get tired of Keeping Up with Kylie’s Hair Changes.

Being a KarJenner fan is exhausting enough — so imagine being in the Krew! “I did feel a sense of Keeping Up With Myself — like, ‘Ooh, I need to come up with a new hair colour or a new cool make-up trick,’” she told Wonderland.

  1. Contouring changed her life

In a post on her website, Jenner explained how she fixes her “problem areas” — and it’s all with a stroke of makeup. “I swear there are things you can do to work on problem areas without having to think about plastic surgery,” she wrote. “Contouring has changed my life!”


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