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5 Nollywood Classic Movies That Should Be Remade

5 Nollywood Classic Movies That Should Be Remade


With ward-winning Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah and entertainment/business mogul, Charles Okpaleke, are teaming up to remake Kenneth Nnegbue‘s Nollywood classic, Living In Bondage, we thought to look at some other Nollywood classics that deserve a chance to be seen again in the light of the enormous growth the industry has seen over the years.

Here is a list of 5 Nollywood films that should grace our screens once again, with fresh actors, better picture quality, and a doctored script/storyline.

1. Igodo


The 1999 classic film directed by Andy Amenechi tells the story of seven warriors were sent into the land of the living dead to acquire a special sword that’ll will be used to cut down a cursed tree that had been plaguing their land for decades.

It had a star studded cast that included Pete Edochie, Sam Dede, Rita Edochie, Norbert Young, Chidi Mokeme, Amaechi Muonagor, Charles Okafor among others.

Going by the heroics and its emotionally gripping story, this epic drama definitely needs to be remade sometime soon.

2. Sango


Sango is an epic Yoruba movie about Yoruba god of thunder. The movie attempts to provide an answer to how Sango became an Orisha (deity or god), still honoured by people in the South Western part of Nigeria, as well as in Brazil, Caribbean, U.S.A. and the African diaspora.

It had a cast list that included top actors and theatre artists in Nigeria in the moulds of Kayode Odumosu, Antar Laniyan,Kola Oyewo, Peter Fatomilola, Rachel Oniga,Remi Abiola, Jide Ogungbade, Wale Adenuga, Wale Ogunyemi
among others.

With such universality of appeal, a remake of Sango will definitely be a huge one not only for the makers, but also for the film industry as a whole.

3. Full Moon


Full Moon paraded a cast made up of Regina Askia, Sola Fosudo, Pete Edochie, K.O.K, Basorge Tariah.

The story is about a girl who gains supernatural powers from the moon and uses same to carry out revenge on the people that killed her parents.

The film had so much rave and will surely make a good box office hit if remade.

4. Karishika


It is still so popular that rapper Falz The Bahd Guy had to sing about it.

Imagine if it is remade in the wave of big box office Nollywood hits, the boom will be to much for sure.

Karishika is a thriller that unravels how Satan eats his way into the souls of the living. To recruit new followers for his kingdom of darkness he sends out Karishika, queen of demons, to the world of the living. There she misguides and seduces a number of people, who all fall prey to her because of their own shortcomings.

Starring the likes of Becky Okorie, Sandra Achums, Obi Mmadubugo, Amaechi Muonagor, the film was directed by Ifeanyi Ukpoenyi.

5. Diamond Ring

diamond ring

Produced in 1998, this is the film that paved way for comedian Teju Babyface. The story is about a gifted young boy Chidi (Teju Baby Face) who befriends the wrong crowd in the university and joins a cult. Together they steal a diamond ring from a grave in the cemetery. The consequences of his actions are frightful.

Diamond Ring stars R.M.D, Liz Benson,  Bukky Ajayi, Teju Babyface, Bimbo Akintola, and was directed by Tade Ogidan.

Nollywood fans will relish to see a remake of it anytime soon.




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