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American Model Cindy Crawford to Retire at 50

American Model Cindy Crawford to Retire at 50



American supermodel Cindy Crawford reveals her plan to retire from modeling once she turns 50. She revealed her plans in an interview with United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine for its February issue, Cindy reveals she’s publishing a book “Becoming Cindy Crawford (Rizzoli)” to maybe draw the curtain to her modeling career.

Cindy is enjoying her motherhood moments with Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber. Kaia is already taking after her mom with impressive modeling gigs. “They are all taking pictures of themselves, or having their friends take pictures for their social media,” she says, “Kaia would be modeling even if she weren’t modeling. All the girls are modeling.”

Cindy has enjoyed her career. “I was like, I love my job, but am I really that superficial that I just love getting my hair and makeup done and looking beautiful? And what I realized was that what I really love and am passionate about is communication. And the way that I have been communicating for the past 30 years has been through picture,” she recalls.

The model was once named the highest-paid model in the planet by Forbes. Check out some hot photos of her:








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