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Why I stopped Acting Deep Kiss Movies– Yul Edochie

Why I stopped Acting Deep Kiss Movies– Yul Edochie



Yul Chukwubuike Daniel Edochie, the last son of the veteran actor, Pete Edochie, speaks on that part of acting where they have to make kissing look real. It seems the young man is more into kissing in films.

As we all expects, he said his father, Edochie is a very strict man to grow up with but he enjoyed it anyway.

Yul Edochie, who studied theatre arts, was asked in an interview how he gets off the feeling after the shoot, and this is what he said:

I feel nothing. For me, it’s all about work. Some people say they kiss and other things get attached; but for me, I don’t feel anything at all. During the shoot, I just ‘die’ and wear the character I am playing, by the time we are done and I come back to myself, I feel nothing.
Funny enough, all those romance scenes, there are about five or more crew members in the bedroom with you, so how comfortable would you be to start feeling something else? (Laughs). Aside that, you still have lines in your head that you are battling to remember. So my dear, the supposed feelings would be far dead and gone.

How have you been coping exchanging saliva through deep kissing with different actresses in different movies?

At a point, I had to limit the kissing scenes I play. I know I did a lot of that while I was still young in the industry. But at a stage in my career, I rejected a lot of roles that had to do with kissing and romancing. I can do romance scenes for you, perfectly without kissing. I can act that I am madly in love with a girl, without getting so romantic with her. I often talk to the director to let me have it my own way, which is not kissing the actress in question, and they would let me. At the end of the day, the film would come out well.

Assuming that in the script, it was clearly stated that you are to kiss the actress, don’t you think she would feel offended if you skip that part?

This is exactly what happens when you are not trained. It has actually happened to me and caused lots of issues on set. I know lots of actresses look forward to kissing me on set. This particular one saw the script and was jumping that she was going to kiss Yul Edochie, but I was tired of the kissing thing and asked the director to allow me do the scene without the kissing. When the actress heard about it, she flared up. She was like ‘Yul, you have kissed so, so and so person but you don’t want to do the same thing to me’. It was quite funny and annoying too.



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