Home Entertainment Gists Teenager Caught Having S*x With A Sheep In Enugu | PHOTO
Teenager Caught Having S*x With A Sheep In Enugu | PHOTO

Teenager Caught Having S*x With A Sheep In Enugu | PHOTO



15 year old Miracle Oluebube Nweke, a native of  Eziagu, Enugu state, was caught on Monday, Jan 18  having sex with a Sheep. A friend who caught him in the act raised an alarm leading to his arrest by a vigilante group.

Miracle said he knew that it was not normal but that he could not help himself and that anytime he had the urge, a strange voice would lead him to where he would get a sheep which he would loose and drag to an uncompleted building to have sex with it.

According to Authority Newspaper

“It gives me great pleasure whenever I have sex with a sheep, I have never had sex with human being  in my life except sheep, I haven’t tried any other animal to know the difference, my experience with sheep is sweet”.

He explained that on sighting any sheep, he would engage, first, in sexual fixa­tion otherwise called zoophil­ia before graduating to raping it otherwise called bestiality or sodomy.

“Whenever I get any sheep of my choice, I untie it from the spot where the owner has left it and take the sheep to a secluded uncompleted building and have sex with it”.

“I don’t do anything else with the sheep than that. I nor­mally make sure that no one is around watching while doing it because I know that the own­ers of the sheep may not like it.

He however blamed evil spirit for being responsible for his sexual depravity

“There is a spirit that normally tells me to go and look for sheep and whenever I hear the com­manding voice of the spirit, it becomes irresistible for me to take away my eyes from sheep. I will be so restless and confused until after I have car­ried out the instruction of the unseen spirit.

When asked if he regret his actions after now that he has been caught in the act, he answered in the affirmative but that he could not say categorically that he would not do it again. He also explained what he has been going through since the incident:



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