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Sony Music Yet To Confirm Davido’s Deal

Sony Music Yet To Confirm Davido’s Deal



HKN Music star Davido announced he has signed a mouth watering deal with entertainment giant Sony last week but several days after, Sony is yet to confirm a deal has been signed with them in form of statement or social network confirmation.

Normally, a label is to announce it’s latest recruit before the artiste.

Davido with the sony representatives signing a deal worth $1m

It is expected that such a mouth watering deal, according to Davido worth millions of dollars, will be swiftly confirmed by Sony on all their network platforms such as Twitter and Facebook but things have remained in limbo.

Sony (@sonymusicglobal) follows all their signed artistes on social networking platforms like Instagram and Twitter but it has refused to follow Davido few days in. Davido also doesn’t appear on Sony’s website.

Does this mean Davido’s deal has stalled or it is just a random deal that doesn’t merit announcement? Or Sony just takes their time? Fingers crossed. Guess he isn’t important to them.



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