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Please Advise Me, My Life Is So Miserable All I Need Is Help

Please Advise Me, My Life Is So Miserable All I Need Is Help


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Hi NGTrends Readers,
Am the only girl in the whole family and i was brought up like a Boy but sometimes in 2014 i fell deeply in love with this guy and he claimed he loves me too and that was the first time i would ever love a guy, we started the relationship and the day he wanted to have s.ex with me, he discovered that i was a virgin and so he didn’t touch me anymore and i was soooooooo surprised and it made me believe that he really loves me It was fine and well ooooo but last year july i was @ his place on a visit coz we attend d same school, but he is 2 years ahead of me, that was the first time i will ever wear skirt to his place and suddenly he started rough handling me and i tot he was high because i was ill, i decided to leave his place but instead he pulled me back and raped me… It was soooooooo painful and i cried my eyes out and screamed a lot but he didn’t answer me.. After he was done, i Left for my own place but he came back to apologize though but i couldn’t forgive him… Den i didn’t see my period on tym nd i told him nd he sed i shd wait till the following week then we will find something to do about it but before he got to his place that day i saw my period and i told him, so i wasn’t bothered anymore… I kept seeing my period since den till d month of october but i was sick and all they were treating me for was the peptic ulcer i have but since there was no change, they decided that i should see a specialist and then the doctor tested me and discovered that i have internal injuries due to the rape and since i have peptic ulcer, it worsen it and to worsen it all, they discovered that am actually carrying a baby already and it was over 4 months then… I couldn’t believe my ears and i kept crying, since he was the only one who ever had s.ex with me though it was rape, i called him and told him but he said since i saw my period he doesn,t know about it and that he can,t accept the baby now but will take it later probably… I couldn,t tell my dad he raped me because it was late already and dad is a soldier… “I will have to miss a year in school because i can,t take the baby to school, my dad doesn’t even want me to hide myself and deliver my baby in my country so presently i stay in a rural area trying to be fine and its even hard to feed myself not to talk of going for antenatal am soooooooo sad right now. All i need is help both from God and human being

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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