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Nigerian Lecturer Gets Suspension Over Hate Speech On Facebook

Nigerian Lecturer Gets Suspension Over Hate Speech On Facebook



The Kaduna State University has suspended one of its lecturers over alleged hate speech posts he made on Facebook.

The lecturer, John Danfulani, stirred controversy in December, 2015, by lashing at supporters of the APC, northern leaders, and Pres. Buhari. He also mocked the large number of out-of-school children in the north.

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook post:

“To them, APC is a religious party. Northern leaders under the party are demigods and crusaders of their ways of life. These people living in dusty villages of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Kano, Jigawa are quick in calling you ‘Arne or Kafiri’ (Meaning Pagan) once you express your view on anything their God PMB and his brigade of small Angels are doing. Attack the attacker, and lets the skies fall”.

Danfulani later deleted his Facebook page and he is is believed to be currently out of the country. The post generated massive criticisms and the university issued him a query, which reads:

“The content of the publication you authored is divisive, injurious to the University and tantamount to hate speech capable of inciting particular group of students against staff and other students. This behaviour is unbecoming of a lecturer who is supposed to mould students’ character and impart learning.”

In his response, Mr. John said he was not furnished with details of his offence. He added that:

“My wall, updates and writings in the social media are all in my private capacity and not in my official capacity as a Lecturer with the University”.

Not satisfied with his response, the school authority suspended him from the university.

A student leader of the university said the post could have caused a major crisis save for the prompt response by the authorities. Also, on Saturday, the Kaduna State Security Council announced that it would henceforth prosecute any group of persons or individuals inciting ethno-religious crisis in the state



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